Vidyard Fast Forward Virtual Summit Identity
On April 11th, 2017, Vidyard hosted Fast Forward: The Video Marketing and Sales Summit. 



Creative Direction: Rajinder Sidhu RGD

Design: Katie Nippell, Julie Campbell

Video Production: Blake Smith

Strategy/Content: Tyler Lessard

Coordinators: Kari Gow, Kim Koserski


Branding for the event needed to appeal to sales and marketing audiences, and the format would be built using a template from event hosting provider 6Connex. The name “Fast Forward” was chosen to reflect the rapid adoption and evolution of online video. Change, speed and evolution drove the art direction. Images of the keynote speakers and abstract photography made up the main imagery, and the implied motion in these photos reinforced the theme. Promotion of the event involved video, blog posts, an event landing page, marketing email blasts and digital display ads, as well as personal video invitations from the Sales team and a lead sharing system to incentive partners to promote the event as well. Registration and attendee goals were exceeded and the event generated $47,900 in the pipeline for the Vidyard marketing team.


In-House Design Awards 2017