Pin-hole Perforating from Anstey Book Binding

Anstey Book Binding works with many of Canada’s leading designers, brands, agencies and printers to engage target markets at a deep emotional level through the use of fantastically finished print communication. Below are their insights on pin-hole perforating. Subscribe to Anstey Book Binding's Newsletter for regular updates and insights.


Pin-hole perforating is perforating where round holes of paper are actually removed.


The most common use is for postage stamps. Other application for pin-hole perforating includes coupons (picture #7), wraps (picture #13), tear-off panels (picture #14) or “corner tears”(picture #11).


Anstey can pin-hole perforate paralleled and right angle perfs. The most common example being stamps.



Anstey can also pin-hole perforate stock weight from 20lb bond to 100lb coated, sheets as large as 20” wide as well as pressure-sensitive stocks.



  • Small round holes equally spaced
  • Smooth surface on top


  • Attracts attention 
  • Unique effect for business cards
  • Great value-added process



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