Branding, SEO and the Power of Relevance

Presented by Sam Torrey


Sam discusses the role of relevance in creating content that gets us the traffic we need and the message we want to transmit.


Whether you’re actively trying to capture leads through a paid media campaign or producing content for long term inbound marketing, the role of relevance should not be underestimated. We live in a searchable online world, and everything is moving towards intent. What were you really looking for when you searched “running shoe stores in my area”? This webinar focuses on how the idea of relevance can guide us to create compelling content that gets us the traffic we need and the message we want to transmit.


About Sam Torrey 

Sam joins TLD with over six years of digital marketing experience. Starting at a software company, Urban Robotics, in 2010, Sam launched his career by creating content and communicating how their software worked through the use of explainer videos, compliance reports and industry conference presentations. Sam moved on to a digital marketing agency, Searchlogic, where he managed paid media campaigns across platforms such as Google, Bing, and YouTube. Sam brings a mix of technical knowledge about website traffic as well as marketing psychology and the power of relevant messaging. 


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