The 10 Most-Read Articles contributed by Members in 2020
Collage of images from the top 10 articles of the year

Every year, RGD Members across the country share their knowledge by providing resourceful, informative and fun articles for the enjoyment and of the community. To cap off 2020, we present the 10 articles from this past year that were read the most!


10. Top 5 Brands Focused on Circularity Design Principles by Susan Yang RGD

Rotating GIF of brands focused on circularity design principles


9. Beyond UI Design: A Comprehensive Quick Reference Resource List for UX Professionals by Magued Hanna RGD

Everything is connected




















8. 5 Information Design Resources by Gillian Harvey

Information Design: Research and Practice by editors Alison Black, Paul Luna, Ole Lund and Sue Walker


7. Elevating Design Voices: Patrick White RGD

Rotating GIF of projects by Patrick White RGD


6. New Projects from Weaymouth Creative, Gravity Inc., Fresh Art & Design, Fathom Studio, q30 Design Inc. and Boldsquare Creative Studio

Rotating GIF of projects


5. Top 5 Email Newsletters by Meg Lynch RGD

Rotating GIF of different e-newsletters


4. New Projects from Context Creative, Design De Plume, Entro, Freewheel Design, Monolab, Reich&Petch

Rotating GIF of projects


3. COVID-19 related Projects from Calgary Catholic School District, Municipality of Clarington, Town of Lincoln and the Region of Peel

Rotating GIF of COVID related projects


2. Top 5 Olympic Design Systems by Paul Twa Provisional RGD

A collage of different Olympic brand identities


















and without further ado, the most read article from 2020 is...


1. 6 Business Books for Creative Directors by Diego Lopez RGD

A stack of books on a table. Their spines are facing out.





















Thank you to everyone who contributed their insights, ideas, opinions, expertise and more to this year! It's with your support and participation that we can share so many engaging articles with the RGD Community and the design community at large.


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