RGDs invited to apply for help from fellow Members

Certified RGDs and Provisional RGDs can now be connected with a colleague who can help!


"RGD responded to my inquiry immediately by putting me in touch with two different Association members who worked at museums in Canada." (Why Amanda Colvin is an RGD?)

"In a situation where we were unable to find answers to very specific questions, the RGD team promptly directed us to members who were able to help us." (Why is Emerald Lee an RGD?)

RGD is an ideal gateway for connecting to my design community and the industry at large. (Why is Bruce Wrighte an RGD?)

For years, RGD Staff have responded to inquiries from RGD Members by connecting them with colleagues who could help. Now RGD's Membership Committee wants to offer this to all RGD and Provisional RGDs and hopes to formalize it into an on-going, valuable benefit of Membership
To test the viability of the service, we have created an online form which RGDs and Provisional RGDs can fill out here. Then RGD staff will do our best to identify Members (or other industry contacts) who are ready and able to assist. 


And, if you have questions about this new beta-program, email RGD's Membership Coordinator, Zaria Pucknell, at .