Future By Design - Branding/Education/Machine Learning

Date: January 30, 2018

Presentations by Debbie Millman, Carissa Carter and Josh Lovejoy


A recording of this presentation is available in the members-only section of the RGD website




The Democratization of Branding, presented by Debbie Millman 

How The Pussy Hat changed everything we know about branding in the 21st century

Debbie is host of the award-winning podcast Design Matters, one of the world’s very first podcasts; Chair of the first ever Masters in Branding Program at the School of Visual Arts, a curator for the Museum of Design, a contributor to Print, President Emeritus of AIGA and the author of six books on design and branding. 


2018 is the Year of the Intangibles, presented by Carissa Carter

The commoditization of design and the intangible abilities most important for design in the year ahead.  

As the Director of Teaching and Learning at the Stanford d.school, Carissa guides the development of the d.school’s pedagogy, leads its instructors, and shapes its class offering. Previously Carissa ran her own design practice and worked in Hong Kong leading user research efforts for the Asian market for for Herman Miller.


Human-Centered Machine Learning, presented by Josh Lovejoy

Machine Learning is the science of making predictions based on patterns and relationships that have been automatically discovered in data, but it doesn’t perform this task alone. Every facet of ML is fueled and mediated by human judgment. Suffice to say, the UX axiom “you are not the user” is more important than ever. Josh offers practical exercises to help drive AI innovation through human-centered design.

Josh is a UX Designer in the Experimental Design Group at Google, where he works at the intersection of product design, ethics and AI. Josh leads UX for the People + AI Research initiative, and most recently led AI UX for the Google Clips camera and co-founded a cross-company program dedicated to machine learning fairness.