Preview Presentations for DesignThinkers Vancouver 2018
DesignThinkers Speaker Slides

Here's your sneak peek at presentation slides from the upcoming DesignThinkers Vancouver speakers!


To see the full list of speakers and their presentation topics, visit Don't miss them on May 29-30 at the Vancouver Playhouse!


Krys Blackwood

In her presentation, 'Avoiding Bloodshed: How to change your user experience without inciting revolution', Krys shares techniques and demonstrates psychological principles to show you how to bring change to the masses, without bringing the masses to revolt.



Aaron Draplin

In ‘Bigger Isn’t Better’, Aaron reveals how Draplin Design Co. stays small in a big world, sharing strategies for ensuring creative freedom and examining cultural enigmas. Enigmas will be discussed. Riddles will be solved. And, undeniable proof will be offered that it is possible to have a life in graphic design while still being able to sleep at night.


Bob Hambly RGD

In ‘Have Designers Forgotten How to Enjoy the Ride?’, Bob outlines the steps you can take to enjoy the ride on your next project with examples like his firm’s contribution to the Wayward Arts Canada 150 project, a book entitled Canada 150: The Hole Story.



Randy Hunt

In 'Towards a Total Design', Randy questions the skills, methodologies, collaborators, vocabulary and resources necessary for creating complete designs across mediums over time, for an audience, customer or citizen. Attendees learn how to create widely-considered and thoroughly applied design perspectives and how prescriptive or collaborative the development of these perspectives should be.


Grace Hwang

In 'Designing for Behaviour Change', Grace reflects on how designers influence behaviour and architect choice everyday. But how do we design for long-term behavior change, especially in the face of addiction? Learn about how human-centered design can create positive, lasting change at scale.


Meg Lewis

In ‘Full Time You’, Meg talks all about confronting the truth of your individuality. Cutting deep into your squishy core, Meg issues a challenge to begin championing your true self in an interactive, engaging talk.