5 tips for the best online graphic design portfolio

Having an online graphic design portfolio is not only a means of improving your online presence, it is also a tool to demonstrate your experience, skills and body of work. In other words, it is a tool for impressing your future employers and clients.


Below is a list of the top 5 things to keep in mind to create a good online graphic design portfolio. No matter if you are new to the graphic design industry or if you are a graphic design veteran, you will find these tips useful.


Do not include all your works
It is very tempting to include all your works in your online portfolio, from your high school summer project to the rebranding project that you did for your client last month. If you include every single design project you've done in your life, the chance is your future employers or clients will totally drown in the sea of your examples.

What you should do is curate your examples carefully and only select those that best demonstrate your current skills and style. When displaying your work visually, try to make it cohesive – categorize your examples into different sections, making your portfolio easier to navigate.


Show more than just images
A good image tells a story, but this is not enough for an online portfolio; not every employer will be able to artistically interpret your work. It's a good idea to provide context to your images. By adding a description to your examples, it not only makes it easier for the viewers to understand your style and vision, but those few lines of description are your very first chance to verbally sell yourself before the first interview or client meeting.


Select your online portfolio platform carefully
There are lots of online portfolio building tools on the market to choose from. A common mistake that many graphic designers make is going with the flow. Going with the flow may be the easy choice, but you need a portfolio that makes you stand out, rather than blend into the crowd. Try to pick an online portfolio platform that offers you more flexibility and lets you build your portfolio that truly reflects who you are. If you are thinking about redesigning your online portfolio, give Portfoliobox a try.


Do not overlook the value of well-photographed work
Not all graphic designers know how to take great photographs. You can ask a photographer friend to help you out, hire a professional photographer or DIY. If you opt for the last choice, you can learn more about how to shoot your portfolio photographs here.


If you got it, flaunt it! Include testimonials
Have you ever received compliments from your clients? If so, include them in your portfolio! Word of mouth and reviews are so important. Your potential client or employer has seen your body of work, and the testimonials added to your portfolio could be the difference to land you a meeting in-person.


Your graphic design portfolio is the reflection of your work, creativity and skills. Try to avoid these mistakes in your portfolio – your newly updated online portfolio may land you a new gig!