Cineplex in-house agency bakes up fresh identity for new dessert brand

Case Study by Matt Coyle RGD, Executive Creative Director, Cineplex


With the recent explosion of novelty dessert brands across Canada, Cineplex seized an opportunity to elevate its concession offerings with Melt Sweet Creations, a custom-dessert shop launched to hit the sweet spot with the target demographic of young women, 19-35.


The full-scale branding project was assigned to the Cineplex in-house agency and completed in two months, launching at Cineplex Cinemas Queensway and VIP in December 2017. The result is a brand that indulges millennials' insatiable cravings for sugar as much as their craving for the perfect Instagram shot.




Research was crucial to our process, as it helped us understand what millennials are looking for in the dessert category. Prior to designing anything, the team went on a scavenger hunt throughout Toronto to find relevant inspiration that had a strong design sensibility, so we could assess what was working and why. From there we applied our thinking to various preliminary designs, that we tested in front of a focus group of millennials. Their feedback helped us shape the final designs.



As part of their research, the design team analyzed other dessert brands for inspiration, taking note of current trends and effective design between bites of various sweet treats. Among the dessert offerings reviewed, it was noted that the most popular brands did not rely solely on the product to entice consumers to seek out their desserts. To reach millennials, we recognized that there needed to be design woven through as many touch points as possible. 


Bringing these findings (and a serious sugar high) back to the studio, the team dove into an exploration of popular design trends in everything from cosmetics to confectionary, landing on a logo and palette that makes the brand identity feel familiar, but also fresh.


To play off of the brand's name and the fluid nature of frozen treats, the final logo incorporates a drip motif that can animate on digital assets.



Several colour schemes were explored, but the chosen palette has a vibrant, contemporary feel that features bright magenta and teal, tempered by a delectable chocolate hue.


Moving into production, Cineplex oversaw all elements of the process. Playful photos and GIFs capture the customizable nature of the treats and quirky, typographic designs add visual interest to the interior space, including an Instagram-friendly mural.




Understanding our collective final outcome helped ensure consistency as we worked closely with the design & construction firm to maintain a clear vision at all touch points for this new brand, from materials and appliances to uniforms and menu boards. What really helped was working quickly, efficiently and collaboratively throughout the process, while still respecting everyone’s expertise when it came to making final decisions.


The result is a fresh new brand that stands out in the busy theatre lobby and invites customers to create their own unique confections, from chocolate-dipped ice pops to photo-ready sundaes. And while guests' tastes may vary, one thing is for certain: sweet dreams really do come true.