Updates on RGD Certification

If you're looking for a push to cross something off your ever-growing to-do list, why not give RGD Certification a go! 


Certification Myths

Julian Brown RGD created a second short video focused on the misconceptions surrounding RGD's Certification Process. Look out for these videos on RGD's Instagram account @rgdhub (#RGDmythbusting) and tag a friend that is guilty of believing these myths!


“The goal here is to get creatives to chuckle and say 'ha, that’s totally me,’" explains Julian. “We want to poke fun at ourselves and demystify RGD certification as well. A lot of people have unique paths that brought them to design—other professions they worked in, or non-design educations they completed first. But we still have many shared experiences, so we can share a laugh and not take ourselves too seriously."



Randal Boutilier RGD, Certification Committee Chair, admits that "Although the RGD title stands for 'Registered Graphic Designer', we do understand that the learning and working opportunities in our creative sector is quite diverse. This video is a rallying call for all people who use their creativity to reach their goal - be it for illustrating a captivating poster, teaching about accessiblity, or streamlining a user experience in a mobile app."


"In our day-to-day experiences, we are more than 'just a designer' - there is considered thought, creativity, passion, and strategy in all of our work. RGD is here to build those characteristics in our practice by encouraging us all to share our talents, skills, and learnings with one another. Our membership is stronger when all of our experiences come together."


Julian's first animation focused on the misconception that the Certification process is too time-consuming...


New Eligibility Criteria

As part of RGD's on-going talks with GDC to align our Certification Processes, RGD has changed its eligibility criteria to match those of the GDC. Eligibility to go through RGD's Certification Process is now 7 years of any combination of relevant education (to a maximum of 4 years) and work experience. This means someone with 7 years work experience is eligible as is someone with a four-year diploma in a design or design-related field plus three years of work experience.


New Application Form

RGD has created a new fillable pdf form for RGD candidates applying as Design Practitioners. You can now begin your application, save your progress and go back to it whenever is convenient. Learn more.


Become a Certified RGD by June 29

Successfully complete the Certification process by June 29, 2018 to get your registration fee waived for DesignThinkers 2018 in Toronto (Oct 24-25)! Learn more.


Information Session

Attend a virtual webinar to learn more about what it means to be a Certified RGD Registered Graphic Designer (RGD), the benefits of membership and the process that applicants go through to become RGDs. Learn more.