RGD Members discuss the value of the .design domain Member benefit

RGD has partnered with .design to give its members unique access to a new domain option for professional designers.


We asked a few RGD Members how they feel about their .design domains and how having the domain has helped them professionally, in the design industry. Take a look at what they said, and at some examples of finished websites and works-in-progress.


Ashley McCarthy RGD - ashleymccarthy.design

"I do freelance work under my own personal name so I really liked the idea of combining my name and the .design domain to keep things neat and tidy for taxes and other purposes. I think using a .design domain specifies the nature of my website which helps to make it more memorable to clients. The backend is extremely easy to use and integrating it with my web platform was no problem. Overall, the responses to my web URL have been positive and I would definitely recommend the .design domain to other designers."


Nicole Duncan RGD - nicoleduncan.design

"Having a .design domain gives me the opportunity to define my business right from my url. My previous .ca helped to locate me in Canada, but because of how remotely I'm able to work with clients these days, my location is not as important as what I offer. Since the name of my studio is Nicole Duncan Design, a url of nicoleduncan.design is perfect for me."


Rebecca Pixley Provisional RGD - pixley.design

"The .design domain is an honest and transparent domain that quickly and effectively tells clients what my services and product market is. Having a .design domain name makes me feel like a professional. It also shows I respect the design profession and want to be known as a designer first and foremost while still wearing a lot of hats and having a multi-disciplinary practice. Having a memorable domain with my title and name in it has definitely helped build a positive reputation with my clients."


Dave Nighbor Provisional RGD - 9lives.design

"I love our domain name. There is no other top level domain that sums up what I do and the industry more clearly. It also gave me the opportunity to use my business name without having an other unnecessary letters or words (.ca, .com, etc). The most common thing I get after saying “dot design” when saying my email is “so what comes after that? Dot com or dot ca?” When I tell them nothing, they say, “oh cool!"."


Simon Dunford Student RGD - dunford.design

"My .design domain allows me to distinguish myself and makes me feel more endowed in a community of like-minded people. As designers we always want something that stands out or is different."



Every RGD member can register and secure any .design name they want. The domain is free for the first year as is an email address of your choosing. You can also find the offer details here. You can point your existing site to your new domain name or quickly build a portfolio via .design’s connection to the website builder Weebly. 


For more information, visit https://www.rgd.ca/2016/02/01/top-level-design-llc1.php