#RGDStudentChallenges March Top Picks

RGD's Student Committee recently launched #RGDStudentChallenges - an Instagram challenge where Student RGD Members are invited to post projects based on a new theme each month. March's theme was Nature - here are the top 7 selections for the month!



Jhubel Canilanza, Seneca College | @ignitusdesign

Packaging Design for Kleenex Tissue | GRA 410 | Professor Donna Saccutelli | 4th Semester 2018 



Mackenzie Gooch, Wilson School of Design | @mackenzie_gooch

Parkfinder is an app which allows users to locate parks around the city based on specific park features such as location and whether or not they have playgrounds, water parks, picnic areas, or dog parks.



Anya Abello, YSDN | @aabello

"Fruit Study: Pineapple" is a piece done in gouache for a course I took called Drawing for Design. The purpose of this project was to select a fruit and draw it at different stages of it being cut.



Paul Ching, OCAD U | @paulchiing

Chemical Fountain: A waterfall fountain exhibition design idea that highlights the list of 194 water pollutant substances from facilities found on the 2015 NPRI database in Canada.
The design could be part of a larger exhibition in Canada promoting discourse on water pollution, wastewater management, sustainable development, and the ongoing problem of the lack of access to clean water in some Indigenous communities.



Hannah Ciano, Centennial College | @designs.hc

An old piece I created 2 years ago as I experimented one of Illustrator's functions.



Logan McKinnon, | @inspired_by_today

Messy march and sharpie doodles, feeling excited for some warm weather soon?



Paul Twa, University of Alberta | @paultwa

A social awareness campaign focused on composting collection services. The campaign aims to make the viewer think twice about putting their organic waste in the trash, and instead, compost it.



Thank you to all those who participated! April's theme is FROM CONCEPT TO COMPLETION, so we invite all Student RGD Members to post progress photos of your projects until April 30. Remember to tag #RGDStudentChallenges!


At the end of the three months, we will select 5 students with the best projects to have their work on display at DesignThinkers Vancouver. Click here for more details.