New Projects by RGD Members - April 2018
NEW RGD Projects April 2018

Check out work by by typotherapy, ON THE CHASE!, Subplot Design, Intent and Gravity


typotherapy’s Noel Nanton RGD's contribution for the 2017 Slaight Family Polaris Heritage Prize poster exhibition.

The poster is an abstract typographic rendition of Joyful Rebellion by k-os, and it is a nod to the album’s spiritual fusion of hip-hop, reggae, soul and flamenco influences. Our process started with listening to the album, analyzing the liner notes and reading articles about the artist. The final product is based around the word “joyful” and sculpting its type style into flowing ligatures, reminiscent of Lance Wyman’s Mexico 68 Olympic logo letterforms.


Julian Brown RGD (ON THE CHASE!), created a video for the Humber River Hospital Foundation to explain Canada’s 1st Hospital Command Centre.

Client: “You want me to go to the CEO of the hospital and tell her we’re going to promote donations for this gazillion-dollar cutting-edge new facility by comparing it to the children’s toy that’s sitting in the waiting room? … I love it.


Canada Post Corporation teamed up with Matthew Clark RGD and the team at Subplot Design Inc. to celebrate six exceptional female Canadian winter sport athletes, celebrating each Canadian athlete and her achievements; highlighting joy and triumph, along with the endurance and dedication that comes with being an athlete at this elite level.

This set of 5 stamps celebrates women who have not only competed at the top level but have achieved greatness in their respective sports. Each stamp prominently features a frosty blue and fiery red duotone portrait of each athlete in a moment of celebration. A full-colour, freeze-frame action shot bursts through the portrait, representing defining moments of victory in each of their careers. Also featured on each stamp is a delicate stylized illustration depicting the courses and arenas that set the stage for each athlete’s competition and careers.


Ben Hagon RGD and the Intent team worked with the Waterloo Global Science Initiative to develop a brand platform for their latest project “Generation SDG” (Sustainable Development Goals).

Work included logo design, signage, infographics, publication design, and much more. Please visit to find out more about this important initiative.


Wendy Gray RGD, Emerald Lee RGD (art direction) and the Gravity team worked on Toronto's Vital Signs project for Toronto Foundation.

Gravity partnered with the Toronto Foundation to breathe new life into their 16th Annual Vital Signs Report which explored the factors that contribute to a healthy and equitable city of Toronto.  The goal this year was make the content accessible for everyone and encourage pick up by media. In fact, stats showed over 1000 tweets on launch day!