First Things First Podcast

From the Association of Registered Graphic Designers and Frontier Media, it’s First Things First, a show about how design shapes and creates our world.


Episode 1: Emily Oberman

Emily Oberman is a partner at international powerhouse design firm, Pentagram in New York City. She has worked with everyone from Jimmy Fallon to Lorne Michaels and believes design can change the world.



Episode 2: Jeff Greenspan

Jeff Greenspan is a designer and a stand-up comic based in New York City. He once quit a job after 15 minutes. This episode is about how design can be used to powerfully and emotionally convey an idea.



Episode 3: Astrid Stavro

Astrid Stavro designs magazines and brands from an office on a warm island in the Mediterranean. How does a person who once studied journalism get into design? And how can design help us better understand content?




Host: Paddy Harrington

Producer and Editor: Max Cotter


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