What are Dome Snaps?

Production Insights from Anstey Book Binding

What are dome snaps? Everyone has had dome snaps to hold the flap of a purse or a wallet closed or to “snap shut” a book flap. What is new in dome snaps that have been around for decades? Anstey has the answers!


Innovation includes

1. Dome snaps can now be imprinted with logos or patterns etc…(see pictures #1—4)







2.  At one time they were all metal (see picture #5 to #7) …now plastic ones are available and they are cheaper than metal snaps (see pictures #8 and #9).







There has been an explosion of colours…literally dozens of colours to chose from! (See picture #10)




4. Prices of the actual dome snaps are dropping


5. There are more sizes and surface textures



  • Always be aware of paper show-through
  • Exposure to light affects the opacity, and thin sheets in particular can allow for the image/text on the page behind it to “show through” to the one you are viewing.


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