New Projects by RGD Members - May 2018

Check out work by Mike Scott RGD, Context Creative, Ove Brand | Design, Projektor and Design de Plume

Wyrd, a digital marketing firm, asked Mike Scott RGD to design an adaptable, scalable and unique identity to represent their new business. 

The idea of a 'post-it' drove the creative which fit their business. A palette of colours was chosen to as a base for all materials, including customized business cards for each member with a colour to match their personality on a recycled kraft paper stock. The final result is a cohesive, adaptable brand that matches Wyrd's unique team and business values.


Lionel Gadoury RGD and the Context Creative team was tasked with creating a Toronto Hydro guide for saving energy at home.

What do bees have to do with energy? Conservation of both is critical to sustainability and a high quality of life. This 24-page bee-themed guide for Toronto Hydro is packed with ways you can save energy at home, from simple upgrades, to oh-so-sweet recipes for the BBQ and much more.


Michel Viau RGD and the team at Ove Brand | Design collaborated with WestJet, Boeing and Teague to develop the logo and livery design for WestJet’s new 787-9 Dreamliner aircrafts.

The updated logo features a refreshed font and streamlined treatment to soften the regional emphasis on “west.” The contemporary livery design, with its stylized Maple Leaf tail, communicates WestJet’s Canadian heritage while signaling a new era as the airline transforms into a global carrier.


John Furneaux RGD (Projektor) was engaged to bring to life a periodical intended to drive a larger conversation surrounding Canada's cannabis industry.

This periodical is intended to drive a larger conversation surrounding one of the most economically and socially disruptive changes in Canada: its cannabis industry. Pairing articles with custom illustrations, Papers appears as sophisticated as the maturing industry itself, paving the way for future issues.


Meggan Van Harten RGD, Jennifer Taback RGD (Design de Plume) designed the The First Nations Community Economic Development Guide for Ontario.

This guide was developed as part of responding to a series of recommendations from First Nations partners for supporting First Nations community economic development and capacity building. Design de Plume designed the guide in conjunction with the Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation.