RGD and GDC announce progress and next steps in creating a unified professional designation
At DesignThinkers 2018 VAN, Past Presidents of RGD and GDC, Stüssy Tschudin RGD and Johnathon Strebly CGD provided an update on the progress our two Associations have made over the past year to align Certification Processes in anticipation of creating a unified professional designation for graphic designers in Canada.


Progress, so far

To tackle this momentous task, RGD and GDC began by outlining all of the elements for each of our Certification Processes. It was very reassuring to see there weren’t many elements that were different. Certainly our goal - to ensure that professional graphic designers achieve a high professional standard in order to call themselves Certified - is completely aligned.


However, certain changes are required in a variety of areas. We have needed to align eligibility criteria, the number of case studies required to be submitted; modify the language we use and decide upon the administration of an online test and having an in-person portfolio presentation.


Johnathon and Stüssy, working with the Executive Directors of both organizations and Chairs of both organizations' Certification Committees, Michael Cober CGD and Randal Boutilier RGD, have thoroughly reviewed all of the differences, worked to make compromises on both sides and have discussed the necessary changes with stakeholders from each of our respective organizations.


Member Approvals

RGD held its annual meeting at the end of April to ratify changes to its process, where our Members unanimously voted to adopt changes that align various aspects of our process to match that of the GDC. GDC held its annual meeting immediately following DesignThinkers 2018 VAN and ratified changes to its process.


Next Steps

With all of these modifications approved, we are now moving forward to finalize the evaluation criteria for the portfolio presentation (the focus of our most recent meetings) and begin a review of how we can share resources and develop implementation plans for the administration of our newly-aligned, unified process. The final step will be to decide on what the new national designation will be. 


As Past-Presidents of RGD and GDC, both Stüssy and Johnathon remain on their respective Boards and are committed to continuing their efforts. With a ongoing focus on open dialogue and collaboration between our organizations, we hope to announce a unified Certification Process and shared Professional Designation for both of our organizations in 2019.


It is our goal that, at DesignThinkers Vancouver 2019 next May, we will announce our new professional designation and outline the process.