New Projects by RGD Members - June 2018 (2)

Check out work by Projektor, Gravity Inc., BLVD Agency, Studio Wyse and Design de Plume


John Furneaux RGD and the Projektor team designed the Haventree Bank brand name and identity.

In becoming Canada’s newest bank, Equity Financial Trust had an opportunity to build a meaningful new brand. The new name, “Haventree Bank,” tells a unique story to every individual. Flexible and friendly, the new brand helped them take that bold step toward the future – for them and for their customers.


Wendy Gray RGD and her team at Gravity Inc. designed the branding for Defining Moments Canada.

Who says Canadian history is drab? For Defining Moments Canada, Gravity created a dynamic design with a progressive Canadian aesthetic. Smart navigation allowed audiences to easily explore studying tips and teaching tools and peer into a moment in our history. Custom pages, such as the Spanish Flu Pandemic page, use interactive layout to entice people to delve further. 


BLVD Agency (Scott Christie RGD) together with Studio Wyse (Nicola Hamilton RGD) and the Salon Communications team have transformed Salon magazine.

Working with the supplied templates and the guidance tools provided, Salon’s internal designers have launched the 25th-anniversary issue and their newly established product issue. This fall will see the first complete realization of the redesign—a collaboration lead by BLVD.


Meggan Van Harten RGD & Jennifer Taback RGD (Design de Plume) designed the logo for Merotto Chiropractic.

The logo for Merotto Chiropractic was inspired by the forests, scattered lakes and the rivers around the Chelmsford area. This logo uses smooth rounded shapes to illustrate a windswept pine; a common tree to the area. The curving tree trunk has been designed to creatively reflect the human spine and to emphasize their chiropractic services.