RFP: Communications Materials for the Endangered Languages Project

The Endangered Languages Project is seeking a graphic designer to develop a suite of print and digital communications materials in advance of the 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages. 


Project Overview:

The Endangered Languages Project (ELP) is an online network for linguistic scholars, community languages champions and anyone interested in the revitalization of Indigenous languages. It is the most up-to-date catalogue of the world’s endangered languages and is constantly being updated with new data and educational resources. More can be found at www.endangeredlanguages.com


While a rebrand is out of scope for this project, we would like to use this project as an opportunity to develop a stronger visual identity. This identity design should inform upcoming projects, such as a new video campaign and website redesign.



The Endangered Languages Project has two primary audiences:

● Community language champions - people around the world working within their communities to preserve, teach and revitalize their endangered languages

● Linguistic scholars - academics dedicated to the study and preservation of languages, through documentation and analysis


Both are committed to the revitalization of languages, but their immediate objectives and methods can differ. Their collaboration is important to the success of ELP, and key messaging and design must keep both of their needs in mind.


Scope of work/deliverables:

For print materials, we are looking for a poster and a brochure that can be circulated physically and digitally by our team and ambassadors. We are open to creative approaches to the size, folds and paper stock of the brochure. We also want to develop a toolkit of digital templates that can be modified and shared by our outreach team.


Such as:

● Presentation template - we wish to develop a basic presentation to introduce ELP that everyone in the organization can use. Through this, we want to develop a template for more complicated presentations

● Social media graphics - based on the design identity developed for the print materials, we would like images for our Facebook and Twitter profile pictures, headers and covers

● Social media templates - in addition, we would like design templates created for graphic social media posts that we can adapt using Canva


Design Notes:

In addition to appealing to our two core audiences, the design should:

● Reflect the global nature of the project

● Be identifiably Indigenous, but not be associated with one specific Indigenous group

● Reflect ELP’s core brand values of inclusivity, knowledge, friendliness, collaboration and respect



Please provide a rough budget estimate range based on the delivery of the above. We understand that this may need to be adjusted after further conversation.


How to submit:

Interested designers should submit:

● A portfolio of their relevant work

● A CV, biography or cover letter describing their professional history and connection to Indigenous culture and/or involvement in language revitalization work, if any. 

Send your submissions or questions via email with the subject: ELP Design Project to:

Doug Hamilton-Evans



RFP issued: June 29, 2018

Deadline for submissions: July 14 at 6:00 pm PST

Winning designer to be notified: July 20, 2018

Project wrapped: By the first week of September


Indigenous designers are encouraged to apply

In keeping with the project’s mandate, we would like to feature the work of an Indigenous designer, and/or persons from groups involved in language revitalization. Individuals from these groups are encouraged to submit.


*Note: Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted*