New Projects by RGD Members - July 2018

Check out recent projects by Zulu Alpha Kilo, Acme, Rethink, The Pixel Shop and Nuff


David Nuff RGD (Nuff) created a poster for ”Coming Soon” - an exhibition inviting artists and designers to reinterpret movie posters.

Held at Northern Contemporary Gallery, it featured over a dozen participants. For the show, Nuff created a Bauhaus-inspired, modernist poster for The Lion King, with references to the film's iconic moments.


Vincent Galante RGD, Tim Smith RGD and their The Pixel Shop team created an interactive installation, website feature and an upcoming app for Food Banks Canada.

Canadians who go hungry face many decisions with no clear solutions. Food Banks Canada engaged The Pixel Shop to use video and branching stories that challenge viewers to experience firsthand the impossible choices that face so many Canadians.


The team at Rethink designed an ice cream brand that reflects just how vibrant Canada's capital city actually is.

Ottawa's greatest weakness is that they're often perceived as being pretty vanilla. So Rethink took this misperception and turned it around. They designed and launched 'Not Vanilla,' a collection of 5 delectable flavours that were inspired by all of the cultural gems that Ottawa has to offer. 


The Zulu Alpha Kilo team launched Consonant Skincare’s third store in Queen West by using the neighbourhood as the creative canvas.

To launch its new flagship location on Toronto’s Queen Street West, Consonant Skincare highlighted the beautiful imperfections of the neighbourhood, taking advantage of the street’s blemishes, from its cracks to its dirt, to convey their promise of revealing beautiful skin.


Michael Barker RGD (Acme Art & Design) designed the promotional campaign for Shakespeare in the Ruff’s upcoming production of Portia’s Julius Caesar.

"A radical adaption of Shakespeare’s beloved classic.” Star Christine Horne was photographed as Portia and the images were printed, torn, collaged, and reshot to produce dramatic imagery.