Designers + Drinks + Discussions event sparks conversation around how to avoid burnout

At a recent Designers + Drinks + Discussions event, Nicola Hamilton RGD sat down with young designers to talk about managing burnout.


Here are 20 helpful pieces of advice if you're out of ideas:

1) Do passion projects

2) Move work locations throughout the day

3) Alter your routine each week

4) Relax on evenings and weekends

5) Take yourself out for dinner occasionally

6) Know what works for you & when you need a break

7) Just wait it out; it gets easier over time

8) Listen to music

9) Always remember to "do life"

10) Do yoga / meditation

11) Participate in personal and team sports

12) Eat healthy, get enough sleep, be aware of alcohol & drug intake

13) Be with people who lift you up

14) Don't worry about satisfying anybody but yourself

15) Know when to let stuff go

16) Spend time in nature, far away from technology

17) Talk to your managers or mentors; they've experienced burnout too

18) Switch projects

19) Look at other websites for motivation

20) Do work that is aligned with your personal values


Have a useful or unique tactic not listed here? Join the Twitter conversation and help out your fellow designers!


RGD's Designers + Drinks + Discussions events are great opportunities to meet fellow designers and discuss design-related issues. After 30 minutes of networking (with food!), participants divide into groups for a discussion based on selected topics.


In addition to managing burnout, the most recent event was also host to discussions around attaining, vetting and managing clients and projects; staying relevant as a designer; and teams and collaboration.


RGD's next Designers + Drinks + Discussions will be on Tuesday, September 18th in Toronto.
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