Provisional RGD Members are invited to join RGD Committees

Work with a team of industry professionals and gain leadership skills by joining an RGD Committee!


Members of RGD's six Committees provide guidance on important RGD matters and develop new programs and initiatives to benefit RGD Members and the graphic design community as a whole.


Each Committee is chaired by a Member of RGD's Board of Directors and is composed of 8 to 15 RGD Members. Committee Members typically come together for a one-hour virtual meeting once every 4-6 weeks to report on current projects and upcoming initiatives. Committee Members are also asked to spend about 10 hours a month working on RGD-related matters.


As a Committee Member, you'll learn about the exciting directions in which RGD, and our industry, is headed and you'll also get to contribute to these discussions.

"Being a Provisional RGD on a Committee gave me access to some pretty incredible resources: the other Committee Members. I learned so much from experienced colleagues and built real and lasting relationships with them."

- Nicola Hamilton RGD, VP of Communications & Chair of RGD's Communications Committee and Art Director at Studio Wyse


The first step in joining a Committee is completing our "Get Involved" Form here!


Below is a bit more information on each of RGD's five Committees that Provisional RGDs may join:


Communications Committee

If you're interested in how RGD communicates key messages to Members and the larger design community, consider applying to join this Committee. We're working on RGD's social media and digital strategies, email and web communications, video and more.


Education Committee

If you're interested in the programs offered by RGD to support students, recent grads and educators, consider applying to join this Committee. We've recently initiated Designathons, organize RGD's Student Awards and DT Scholarships and are discussing how to increase RGD exposure to students and recent grads this coming Fall.


Ethics Committee

If you're interested in exploring the ethical responsibilities of RGD Members and graphic designers generally, consider applying for this Committee. We advocate against spec work in the industry, review and update RGD's Rules of Professional Conduct and develop resources and initiatives to assist designers to practice professionally.


Membership Committee

If you're interested in how RGD recruits, retains and supports its Members, consider applying to be on the Membership Committee. This Committee also proposes, develops and reviews discounts and offers to members and more.


Programs Committee

If you're interested in helping organize events and initiatives in your community or being involved in existing programs like DesignThinkers and RGD webinars, consider applying to be on this Committee. 


If you have any questions, contact RGD's Executive Director, Hilary Ashworth, by email at .