Design as Storytelling - RGD Video Curation

RGD Members have full-access to an archive of recorded presentations, including talks from past DesignThinkers and Creative Directions conferences, webinars, Future By Design panels and more.


With over 7 years of footage, we know our video archive can be daunting. That's why RGD's Programs Committee is working to curate lists of RGD videos by theme. This is a list of videos under the theme of Design as Storytelling.


DesignThinkers 2011: We Are the Stories We Tell

presented by: Stanley Hainsworth

How do you go from a background in theatre to marketing for mega-brands Nike, Lego and Starbucks? Through his creativity and ability to capture stories, Stanley Hainsworth helped companies to connect with their customers by first learning how the customers connect and engage with their products.


Future By Design: The Future of Storytelling

presented by: Elizabeth Laferrière, Farah Assir, Jake Barton

Storytelling doesn’t just happen in books. This webinar features fascinating case studies of presenting history through eye-catching projections on a church facade, reinventing the New York Times for the mobile world, and using UX to engage people by having them interact with stories. 


DesignThinkers 2015: Telling Stories with Words and Pictures

presented by: Chris Dixon

Dixon’s publication design brings intriguing imagery and writing together in bold, dramatic covers and layouts to reach readers of venerable magazines such as Adbusters, New York Times Magazine, Vanity Fair and New York Magazine. He also presents some great examples of using humour in photography and illustration to pull readers in.


Webinar: How to Design Stories

presented by: Luke Hayman

Pentagram’s Luke Hayman discusses editorial design and what gets readers to keep coming back to periodical publications and re-subscribing. Sometimes, this involves modernizing an outdated style, or even reimagining the form as a treasured object, rather than a throwaway bound stack of paper. Coming from a wealth of experience, he provides a large sample of work on a variety of publications like Time, New York Magazine and I.D.



Published August 8, 2018