Why is Derek Veenhof a Provisional RGD?

Derek Veenhof Prov RGD highlights RGD's events, networking opportunities and ongoing advocacy that have helped him in the early stages of his design career.


Joining RGD as a Provisional Member has helped me and my career in a variety of ways. Mainly, being from a smaller city where networking opportunities are limited, my RGD membership has allowed me to connect more easily with others in the design industry in the GTA and beyond, instead of being confined to the network in my own area.


Over the years, RGD events have been a big help. I've been able to compare and contrast my experiences with other Provisional RGD Members at the Designers + Drinks + Discussions meet-ups; soak up industry knowledge at Future by Design events; and have gained priceless insights from top tier designers at Speed Mentoring events.


The DesignThinkers Conferences have possibly been the most valuable events to me as a designer. The ability to meet and hear from designers from all over the world, from companies like CNN, Vice Media, PlayStation and more has been an incredible learning experience. It's always interesting to hear how a designer at the height of their career got started, what unpredictable paths they've travelled and what design challenges they face on a daily basis.


The online Video Archive from past RGD events, webinars, etc. is also extremely useful to me as an emerging designer, as I am eager to continually educate myself and compare my methods to other professionals further ahead in their career paths. Other benefits such as the subscription to Applied Arts and access to other publications keep me abreast of trends and news in the industry.


By far the most substantial benefit from RGD is the way it holds key industry players and practitioners together, acting as a hub for the industry. The combined efforts of all Members and the Association itself to provide advocacy for best practices, recognition for the value of the profession and ethics within the industry is immensely important to me.



Provisional RGDs display their commitment to design professionalism and have the opportunity to connect with employers, colleagues and clients. To find out more about becoming a Provisional Member, visit https://www.rgd.ca/membership/recent-graduate.php