Congratulations to our 2018 Student Award-winners

After receiving over 560 submissions from design students attending 32 post-secondary schools across Canada, RGD is pleased to announce the recipients of our 2018 Student Awards.


Thank you to our generous industry supporters who provide our winners each with cash prizes of $1,000 and have helped RGD to distribute over $300,000 since the program launched in 1998.




.design Award for Self-Promotional/Personal Website

"Faizan stands out because: 1.The website is very well designed and organized. 2. Plenty of work samples. 3. Clean, straightforward, easy to navigate. 4. Well communicated." –Summer Fang, Partnership Manager at Top Level Design


Winner: Faizan Anjum, Humber College

Faizan Anjum - Portfolio Website

"The strategy for my website is to showcase my skills and personality in a clean, friendly and welcoming manner. My target audiences are design agencies, creative directors and business owners."


Honourable Mentions: Simon Dunford, Fanshawe College; Emily Thuro, Humber College


50 Carleton Award for Logo Design

"Excellent design thinking and highly useable. A strong design foundation as evidenced by strong execution across a variety of media and uses. Love the selected typeface and the ease of which the logo moves from output to output without losing the sense of self." –Mary Binsted RGD, Owner of Mary Binsted Designs


Winner: Peter Elima, University of Alberta

Dayuhan Conference Logo

"For this project, I was tasked with creating a logo, a visual identity and complex information systems for a conference that connects Canadian and Filipino culture. The conference aims to bridge the cultures to strengthen their relationship."


Honourable Mentions: Naomi Brierley, University of Alberta; Laura Pummell, Capilano University; Christopher Quental, Georgian College


BOLD Award for Accessible Design

"The strategy, design and concept for this app is fantastic as it addresses a need that exists both inside and outside of the disability community. Its simple clean design that adapts to the user makes it applicable for users of different abilities and their support persons. Overall the design and interactions appear to be well thought through and the app fills unaddressed gap. Fantastic work!" –Michelle Hopgood RGD, Graphic Designer & Knowledge Manager at Martin Prosperity Institute


Winner: Jonathan Collie, Conestoga College

ONGuide Transit App

"ONGuide is an accessible digital wayfinding service that allows transit users to navigate the Ontario transit system with ease and confidence regardless of a user’s age, ability or comfort level with the system."


Honourable Mentions:
Jhubel Canilanza, Seneca College; Melissa Schrier, Conestoga College


Entro Award for Placemaking Design

"Very clever, the name and overall design treatment is nicely developed. The use of the identity throughout is consistent without being a twin brother replica from one to the other. The title wall is amazing and engaging, you want to touch it, you have to touch it!" –Stefan Canuel RGD, Senior Designer at the National Gallery of Canada


Winner: Paul Twa and Hilary Zak, University of Alberta

Please Touch branding for University of Alberta's 2018 Bachelor of Design Grad Show

"The primary challenge was creating a system that could be consistently and easily applied to many different applications including print, web and 3-D. The visual system I created uses a dynamic typographic arrangement, a simple graphic pattern and three distinct accent colours to create a consistent look to the event that also provides room for variation."


Honourable Mentions: Adrianna Chong, University of Alberta; Chelsea Lecompte, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Alice Zeng, Capilano University


Fjord Award for Digital Product Design

"Solid product for a real-life problem." –Patryk Adamczyk RGD, UX Lead & Product Owner at PagerDuty

"Solving a real problem for a renter. I especially like the progress after submitting an issue and its progress." –Helen Park, Product Design Lead at Hootsuite


Winner: Elizabeth Zhu, Isaak Man, Clover Chang and Melosha Ratnasingham, York/Sheridan Joint Program

Neighbrs App

"Neighbrs creates an open platform for tenants to connect with their neighbours, landlords and property managers. Residents can request property fixes in an instant, receive real-time updates about their building, make new friends and encourage a sense of community."


Honourable Mentions: Mohit Gupta, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Zoe Kim, Humber College; Carson Young, York/Sheridan Joint Program


Goods & Services Award for Editorial Design

"Well researched, edited, composed and executed. The information has been organized in an easily digestible manner, the color palette works well with the content." –Gigi Lau RGD, Art Director at Harlequin


Winner: Laura Rojas, OCAD University

Bananaland Art Book & Newspaper

"Bananaland examines key moments in the socio-political history of the banana industry in Latin America. It aims to create solidarity between us and the people who grow the food we eat."


Honourable Mentions: Dana Mevorach, Humber College; Katya Romanova, OCAD University


Greenmelon Award for Packaging Design (Single)

"Nice packaging! Good consistency and colour theory across the family. Pattern is eye-catching, and will create good impact on the shelf next to other products.The integration of the measuring cup into the lid is a nice addition, as is the clear top for visibility of the quinoa." –Pat Young, Creative Director at lululemon


Winner: Amanda Ashford, Conestoga College

Red Earth Organics Packaging

"Rare Earth Organics specializes in premium organic grains. Three variations of organic quinoa are thoughtfully reflected through colour in their packaging and a lid that doubles as a measuring cup for a convenient cooking experience."


Honourable Mentions: Carmen Fenech & Ronen Goldfarb, Humber College; Marcus Heard, St. Lawrence College; Andrea Poon, York/Sheridan Joint Program


Intent Award for Print Design

"Mantej's work on 'Hidden Hazard' clearly stood out for the many entries we received. The project utilizes an interesting format, mature colour management, creative typography, and impactful composition to entice the reader to learn more about the dangers of cellphone radiation. Rarely do you see such restraint and deft design talent from student work. Very, very impressive." –Ben Hagon RGD, Creative Director + President at Intent


Winner: Mantej Rakhra, OCAD University

Hidden Hazard Booklets

"This project explores the impact of cell phone radiation on cell phone users. The project aims to expose potential health hazards without frightening consumers or discouraging cellular use."


Honourable Mentions: Heather Haughn, Capilano University; Dana Neita, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Katya Romanova, OCAD University


Pivot Award for Information Design

"Creativity & Impact: Substantial piece - tackles a complex issue in a compelling way. Imagery: Great photo selects. Usability: Construction & binding shows attention to detail in the user experience of this piece." –Kyle Schruder RGD, Associate, Visual Communication, at Bridgeable


Winner: Katya Romanova, OCAD University

FLUX: Between Homelands

"FLUX is an exploration on modern identity crisis and its implications. The relationship between the individual and society is shown through the utilization of psychological research, participatory design, data analysis and a collection of writing."


Honourable Mentions: Marie Atienza, La Salle College Vancouver; Hillary Chen, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Ashley Proulx, OCAD University


Polyester Studio Award for Motion Design

"The illustrative style, colour palette, script and effective storytelling were well combined. One scene that struck me was the dying polar bear with the ribs showing; it captured my attention and pulled me in." –Celina Fischer RGD, Creative Director at CBC News


Winner: Arun Swamy, Vancouver Film School

Scream For Help Video

"This two-minute motion graphic video is aimed at Millenials to raise awareness about human’s impact on global warming. A combination of music and slam-poetry-style voiceover are used to deliver the emotions and achieve the mood."


Honourable Mentions: Mohit Gupta, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Dana Neita, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Danielle Sheahan, York/Sheridan Joint Program


q30 design Award for Brand Design

"This entry hit all the right marks. It starts with a bold and provocative name and carries through with a design system to match. Many interesting visual elements, combined with refined typography, create plenty of variation from piece to piece while still holding together as a cohesive brand identity." –Darrell Corriveau, Creative Director, Interactive at q30 design


Winner: Mackenzie Gooch, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Gutless Vegan Butchershop Branding

"The target audience is meat eaters who might be considering eating less meat or transitioning into vegetarianism or veganism. The goal is to entice meat eaters to lessen the amount of meat they consume, which in turn helps better the environment."


Honourable Mentions: Abby Klages, Humber College; Taylor Newman-Craigmill, Conestoga College


Shikatani Lacroix Award for Packaging Design (Series)

"Great name and good logo. The typography on the packaging is elegant and surprising, and the decision to focus on the flavour ingredients is excellent." –Matthew Clark RGD, Founder & Creative Director at Subplot Design


Winner: Alice Zeng, Capilano University

Ground Goodness Packaging

"Ground Goodness produces healthy dieting products made with organic ground cricket flour. The packaging attempts to convince people of both the environmental and nutritional benefits, and eliminate the notion that eating bugs is 'gross'."


Honourable Mentions: Laura Baldesarra, OCAD University; Benji Sahinovic, Conestoga College


Studio123 Award for Visual Web Design

"Nice use of typography and colour. This works well for your intended target audience. Good consideration for your users with limited data to have the landing pages load by day, especially with such content heavy sites that update frequently. Overall, well done! " –Evelyn Csiszar RGD, Lead UX/UI Designer/Owner, Collective Experience


Winner: Dustin Matos, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

LVLCAP Gaming Blog

"The project is built primarily for males aged 13 to 25. Notches are used as a unifying visual element, and varying type and image treatments distinguish specific articles. A strong serif typeface is used as a differentiator from other gaming blogs."


Honourable Mentions: Elise Hoebeke, Conestoga College, Nikunj Varshney, OCAD University


Zulu Alpha Kilo Award for Advertising Design


Winner: Sarah Wong, York/Sheridan Joint Program

Jasper Dark Sky Festival Branding

"This project aims to educate those on space exploration while celebrating the beauty of Jasper National Park's Dark Sky Preserve. The rebrand targets adults who are interested in the festival’s values of education, outdoor adventure and astronomy."


Honourable Mentions: Sisia Du, La Salle College Vancouver; Carmen Fenech & Ronen Goldfarb, Humber College; Nannaphat Yingchoncharoen, La Salle College Vancouver




Forge Award for Typography

"Layout of text type and display type is very strong. Creative use of typography to reference the subject matter without becoming distracting or overwhelming, instead of making everything "speedy" the type and layout evoke the feeling of time being stretched." –Jordan Bamforth, Creative Director at Beau's Brewery


Winner: Dana Neita, York/Sheridan Joint Program

9.58 Magazine

"This magazine highlights the life of renowned Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt as a source of inspiration for aspiring athletes. A new way of experiencing a print magazine is achieved by using the idea of motion and speed to drive the content."


Honourable Mentions: Peter Elima, University of Alberta; Aleksandra Isakov, Conestoga College; Grace Stallard, Conestoga College


Gravity Inc Award for Social Good Design

"This project checks a lot of boxes! Visually rich and very comprehensive, it tackles an unusual cause (in the sense that it's not a 'typical' social cause) and could most definitely draw a broad range of people and affect very positive change. The thinking behind this project shows depth, reason and consideration to outcome - all very important in the social good category. A delight." –Wendy Gray RGD, Owner & Creative Director at Gravity Inc


Winner: Alice Zeng, Capilano University

Savour: A Speaker Series Branding

"This speaker series brings different cultures together through storytelling and food sharing. The goal is to encourage people of all nationalities to learn about other cultures, enjoy connecting and form unlikely friendships."


Honourable Mentions: Paul Ching, OCAD University; Mackenzie Gooch, Kwantlen Polytechnic University; Ashley Proulx, OCAD University


john st. Award for Strategic Design

"This feels retro but modern at the same time. You are working from a great insight - people going there go there for a step back in time but they also want it to feel fresh and current. I also really love the food packaging." –Timothy Jones RGD, President & Creative Director at Banfield Agency


Winner: Alexandrah Pahl, University of Fraser Valley

Rocko’s Diner Branding

"This small local restaurant’s rebrand reflects its history and unique qualities. It was important to strategically bridge the retro diner persona to be approachable to a modern audience."


Honourable Mentions: Mohit Gupta, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Benji Sahinovic, Conestoga College


Quarry Award for UX Design

"An astonishing amount of work went into this project, in creating both the smart device and the companion app. The result is a solid product proposal with great features and an attractive design. There has been great attention paid to crafting a holistic experience that is consistent, high quality and engaging - to solve a real-world problem. Fantastic job with this proposal, very well done." –Richmond Sedcole, Director of UX Design at Manulife


Winner: Mohit Gupta, Zachery Eng, Carson Young and David Luong, York/Sheridan Joint Program

Oble App

"This app empowers children to take their medication while helping parents manage their child's asthma. The goal is to eliminate all the guesswork from the user's end and guide them at every step of the way."


Honourable Mention: Jonathan Collie, Conestoga College



If you would like to find out about sponsoring an Award for 2019, please email RGD's Executive Director, Hilary Ashworth, at 


Patryk Adamczyk RGD, UX Lead & Product Owner at PagerDuty, Toronto

Natalie Armata RGD Co-Founder & Creative Director at Giants & Gentlemen, Toronto

James Bailey RGD, VP/Creative Officer at Raining Communications, Toronto

Jean-Sébastien Baillat, Creative Director at Baillat, Montreal

Jordan Bamforth, Creative Director at Beau's Brewery, Van Kleek

Rodrigo Barreda RGD, Manager, Graphic Design, at United Way of Greater Toronto

Mary Binsted RGD, Owner of Mary Binsted Designs, Whitehorse

Andrew Boardman CGD, Principal/Designer at Manoverboard, Winnipeg

Mooren Bofill, Design Director at john st., Toronto

Amanda Bolte RGD, Creative Director at Cineplex Digital Media, London

Ryan Booth, Design Director at Zulu Alpha Kilo, Toronto

Mark Buchner RGD, Partner & Creative Director at TBD Studio, Toronto

Stefan Canuel RGD, Senior Designer at the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

Ian Chalmers RGD, Design Director & Principal at Pivot Design Group, Toronto

Ross Chandler, Affiliate Member, Founder/Creative Director at Becoming Creative Projects, Victoria

Matthew Clark RGD, Founder & Creative Director at Subplot Design, Vancouver

Daniel Cordero, Senior Animator at Polyester Studio, Toronto

Darrell Corriveau, Creative Director, Interactive at q30 design, Toronto

Evelyn Csiszar RGD, Lead UX/UI Designer/Owner, Collective Experience, Toronto

Jason Dauphinee RGD, Creative Director at Eclipse Creative, Victoria

Summer Fang, Partnership Manager at Top Level Design, Portland

Celina Fischer RGD, Creative Director at CBC News, Toronto

Monique Gamache, Design Director & Partner at WAX, Calgary

Carey George RGD, Partner & Creative Director at Goods & Services, Toronto

Sasha Goldstein RGD, Senior UX/UI Designer at SAXX Underwear, Vancouver

Raj Grainger RGD, Designer at the University of Toronto, Toronto

Wendy Gray RGD, Owner & Creative Director at Gravity Inc, Toronto

Ben Hagon RGD, Creative Director + President at Intent, Toronto

Michelle Hopgood RGD, Graphic Designer & Knowledge Manager at Martin Prosperity Institute, Toronto

Grant Ivens RGD, Brand Surgeon at Say What! Communications, Markham

Cris Jaw RGD, Creative Director at LCBO, Toronto

Timothy Jones RGD, President & Creative Director at Banfield Agency, Ottawa

Tony Jurgilas RGD, Principal + Design Strategist at 50 Carleton, Sudbury

Irina Khvalova RGD, Principal at Colourphill, Toronto

Gigi Lau RGD, Art Director at Harlequin, Toronto

Edmund Li RGD, Associate/Design Director at Entro, Toronto

Marga Lopez CGD, Director of Design at Vancouver Aquarium, Vancouver

Meg Lynch RGD, Senior Designer at Forge Media + Design, Toronto

David McArthur, Digital UI Design Lead at WestJet, Calgary

Ashley McCarthy RGD, Senior Graphic Designer at Semtech, Hamilton

Cole Alexander Nicks RGD, Graphic Designer at BC Children's Hospital Foundation, Vancouver

Gary Oakley, Creative Director at Shikatani Lacroix, Toronto

Michael Ortelli RGD, Founder of BOLD, Toronto

Michael Palmer, Executive Creative Director at Quarry, St. Jacobs

Helen Park, Product Design Lead at Hootsuite, Vancouver

Amanda Parker, Manager, Design & Creative Communication, at Investors Group, Winnipeg

Nick Richards, Executive Creative Director at Will, Vancouver

Pamela Rounis, Associate Creative Director at Rethink, Vancouver

Rami Schandall RGD, Principal at Visual Creative, Toronto

Kyle Schruder RGD, Associate, Visual Communication, at Bridgeable, Toronto

Richmond Sedcole, Director of UX Design at Manulife, Toronto

Iliana Sergeev RGD, Owner & Creative Director at IS Design Labs, Toronto

Jaoued Sidali RGD, Art Director at TFO, Toronto

Robert Smith RGD, Owner + Creative Director, Greenmelon, Ottawa

Jessica Sullivan, Creative Director at Figure 1 Publishing, Vancouver

Nico Taus RGD, Creative Director at Studio123, Sudbury

Jessica Vitale RGD, National Graphic Design Manager at DIALOG, Toronto

Stacy Wakeford RGD, Director, Nature Inspiration Centre at Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa

Jay Wall RGD, Principal & Creative Director at RallyRally, Toronto

Scott Weisbrod, Group Service Design Director & Studio Head at Fjord, Toronto

Katie Wilhelm RGD, Marketing & Design Specialist, London Economic Development Corporation, London

Fadi Yacoub, Affiliate Member, Executive Creative Director, Digital at

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