RGD opens Call for Nominations for Canadian Design Educators Award for 2019

Deadline to Submit: September 23, 2019.


RGD is thrilled to open up the call for nominations for RGD's second annual Canadian Design Educators Award of Excellence to honour faculty who have made outstanding contributions to student development and pedagogical research. 


These contributions include: implementation of unique approaches to course or curriculum development, dissemination of critical pedagogical research, mentoring of colleagues, mentoring of students, collaboration, and/or exceptional service.


One Award will be presented to a College Educator and one Award will be presented to a University Educator either working in Canada or a Canadian citizen working abroad. The Awards will be presented at the DesignThinkers Conference either in Toronto in 2019 (Oct 24-25) or in Vancouver in 2020 depending on the preference of the winners.


"The Design Educator Award of Excellence is a wonderful opportunity for RGD to shine a light on the dedication of design educators at both university and college levels. Nominations come from both faculty and students which highlight the breadth and significance of faculty influence. These Awards are highly competitive with a rigorous screening process. Those who win represent Canada’s finest educators and we are honoured to be able to champion them," explains Saskia van Kampen RGD, RGD's VP of Education.


Nominees should have a proven history of teaching effectiveness demonstrated through the requirements listed below. Either the Nominee or the Nominator must be a professional Member of RGD or GDC.


Deadline to Submit: September 13, 2019




As part of a Nomination, the following are requested:

Nominator Statement: Describe why the nominee should receive the award (500 words or less)

Nominee Curriculum Vitae: Include education, teaching experience, teaching awards, conference presentations, selected publications, service and any other significant contributions (3 pages or less)
Significant Projects/Images of Student Work: Describe up to 3 projects taught by the Nominee with supporting images showing student work and/or in‐studio engagement (3 pages or less) (min. 1)
Support statements/letters: From former students and colleagues (min. 1 from a student and 1 from a colleague; max. 2 from both)

Evaluation criteria

Focus: The nominee demonstrates a defined and rigorous focus in one or more areas of specialization including critical pedagogy, curriculum development, student support, mentoring of colleagues and/or students, collaboration, and/or exceptional service.

Community and collaboration: The nominee demonstrates active contribution to the building of a more cohesive design community — collaborating institutionally, locally or on a broader scale.

Contribution: The nominee demonstrates active contribution to the advancement of design pedagogy and/or practice.

Support: The nominee demonstrates exceptional support for students and/or colleagues.

Curriculum: The nominee demonstrates dedication to the development/enhancement of curriculum that is inclusive and relevant to a quickly evolving program of study.