Senior Graphic Designer - Toronto
Zync is looking for a full-time graphic designer who creates aesthetically stunning work based on strategic objectives — someone who sees the bigger picture. For you, taking a project from idea to completion is just the way things have to be. And creating a brand or developing a campaign on a variety of digital and print-based platforms is just a good way to keep things interesting.

  • Experience in corporate design (branding, corporate communications, advertising etc...)
  • Strong strategic thinking and impeccable design skills
  • Ability to develop creative concepts that align with strategic objectives
  • Excellent eye for typography
  • Firm grasp of technology and production processes
  • Proficiency in Adobe CS
  • Good time management skills and ability to balance multiple projects
  • Ability to work well with account managers
  • Strong interest in UX, content mapping, building wireframes, responsive web design, motion graphics, mobile apps and social media


Email  with a link to your resume and online portfolio.