You’re Just My Type: RGD videos for typophiles and typography newbies alike

RGD Members have full-access to an archive of recorded presentations, including talks from past DesignThinkers and Creative Directions conferences, webinars, Future By Design panels and more.


With over 7 years of footage, we know our video archive can be daunting. That's why RGD's Programs Committee is working to curate lists of RGD videos by theme.


This is a list of videos under the theme of Typography curated by Programs Committee Member Ruth Farrugia RGD:

DesignThinkers 2013: Branding From a Type Nerd Point of View

presented by: Matteo Bologna

The ever-entertaining, wonderfully potty-mouthed (you’ve been warned) Matteo Bologna discusses his passion for typography and how he uses it at his studio Mucca Design to develop elegant branding solutions for his clients. His dry, self-effacing humour and beautiful work make this well worth the watch. And you get a bonus Italian lesson!


Future By Design 2015: The Future of Type

presented by: Jessica Hische, Ellen Lupton, Nick Sherman, Laura Worthington

Ellen Lupton discusses using grids to organize information into dynamic typographic compositions, finding freedom through form. Nick Sherman presents how we can use variable typography to adapt to responsive website design. Laura Worthington discusses recent advances in type technology like OpenType that influence current and future uses of typography. Jessica Hische addresses trends in typography and how to survive as a type designer when there’s a big shift in what’s popular.


DesignThinkers 2013: More is More

presented by: Alex Trochut

How do we take what’s around us and use it to inform our designs without duplicating or rehashing an existing idea? Typographic illustrator Alex Trochut shows us examples of how he takes historical influences and visual references and breaks them down to their essence to build something new and original. Trochut is a truly a craftsperson. The Wiz Khalifa case study is unforgettable and pretty entertaining.


Webinars 2018: Choosing and Using Type

presented by: Timothy Samara

Graphic designer, educator and author Timothy Samara gets down to basics with type in this informative webinar that serves as a masterclass. This will come in especially handy for those preparing for the RGD certification exam, but also serves as a nice refresher for seasoned professionals.



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Published September 17, 2018