Reasons for Students to attend DesignThinkers

Students attending the DesignThinkers Conference benefit not only from the inspirational presentations and panels, but also from the various networking and mentoring opportunities and extra sessions.


DesignThinkers provides opportunities for creatives at all levels of their careers to feel inspired, refreshed and connected to the creative communications community. It is a perfect opportunity for Students to mingle with professionals, receive guidance outside the classroom setting, swap stories with other students and make connections.


"What I appreciated most from the event was feeling recharged and re-inspired. As a student, it was nice to see other creatives' paths and how they got to where they are today and how failing is not the end all but is only the beginning."


Here are a few opportunities Students can take advantage of during the conference to heighten your conference experience:


Studio Crawl

Get an all-access pass to visit top creative studios in downtown Toronto. Meet members of the team, see the space and check out the latest projects.

"What I liked best about the conference was the ability to network and meet new people. I was able to meet some great people at the studio tours, as well as some students from Capilano University that I follow on Instagram at the delegate party."


Design Marketplace
Check in with a variety of companies offering products, services and solutions to Canadian professionals in the graphic design industry. See, feel, sample, test and consider the latest products, technologies and service offerings available to our industry. 

"Making connections with printers, agencies and other services was a huge benefit. A lot of them contacted me due to the fact I left my business card with them."


Amazing Speakers

RGD brings in visionary designers from all over the world covering a range of disciplines from type design to exhibit design; digital product and editorial design to experiential design; packaging design and branding to information graphics and motion design; industrial design to web design and user experience; advertising design and design for social good.


"I love that every session is geared specifically for designers and the challenges we face. I particularly like the talks that are geared towards the conference topic."


4 Presentations & Discussions to Choose From

After our Morning Keynote, you have a choice to attend any one of our four concurrent sessions divided into the themes Inspiration, Strategy, Trends and Explorations. Some of the topics we'll cover include All About UX; AI and the Future of Graphic Design; Discrimination in the Creative Industry?Creative Companionship; Getting Personal Projects Made; Infographics for Social Change; The Role of Storytelling in User Interface Design; Kinkos and Crying; Designing for Behaviour Change; and Lessons I'd Teach My Younger Self.


Speed Mentoring (Day 1 | Day 2)

In a series of rapid 10-minute sessions, Provisional and Student RGDs gather for mentoring advice from 3 of 6 RGDs. A selection of questions will be your starting point for discussions, covering a range of topics from portfolio presentations to pricing creative work. Get some practice on your elevator pitch, and make some connections in the process.



See the full Conference schedule here