International Design Center Berlin announces winners of 2018 UX Design Awards
An image of one hand using a robotic contraption and another hand using a computer. The hands belong to the same person, but the person\'s body is out of the frame.

International Design Centre Berlin (IDZ) has announced the winners of its 2018 annual UX Design Awards competition.


IDZ has awarded five UX Design Awards, four UX Design Awards | Concept and one UX Design Award Gold from 48 nominated projects.


This year, the bionic robotics control “Robotic Suite“ by Festo, a leading global supplier of automation technology, was awarded the UX Design Award Gold.


The jury said that the "Robotic Suite builds a genuine bridge between man and technology by enabling employees to intuitively operate robots in the workplace. The ease of use enables machine operators to teach and learn at the same time. Workers can gain new abilities without complex training, alleviating fears of future workspace automation. This project sets a high bar on combining full human potential with highly accessible robotic automation."


The UX Design Awards are a singular, world-wide competition for user experience, which is a key component of a connected world. The awards demonstrate how design and innovative technologies add value to and make a positive impact in users' lives. Held by the International Design Centre Berlin, the competition is annually presented at the global consumer technology show in Germany.


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