DesignThinkers 2018 Scholarships awarded to emerging designers who shared their "design truths"
RGD is excited to announce that six Scholarships for DesignThinkers TO 2018 have been awarded to emerging designers across Canada who shared their "design truths" on social media.


To enter the Scholarship Program, Student RGDs, Provisional RGDs and Junior Affiliate Members were required to share their "design truths" on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Building on the "Speak the Truth" theme of DesignThinkers 2018, the Scholarship Program encouraged emerging designers to be honest, open and candid about what design means to them.


Below are the Scholarship winners and their entries, each chosen by a generous industry Sponsor. The winners receive $500 from the Sponsor and a free DesignThinkers ticket, provided by RGD. 


Congratulations to the Scholarship winners and to everyone else who entered! We were blown away by the creativity and honesty that went into so many of the entries.


To see all of the Scholarship entries, search #rgdDT on social media.




Sponsored by Blue Ant Media

Paul Twa Provisional RGD / Edmonton, AB

Watch Paul's video here!

Design Archives Contemporary Culture




















Sponsored by Davis

Clair Morgan Student RGD / Vancouver Island University, BC

See Clair's entry here!

A black circle with a bee inside and inside the black circle, around the bee, it says Beehave Honey, the only honey in the world that keeps you out of trouble!





















Sponsored by Fusion Design Group

Miranda Allum Provisional RGD / Toronto, ON

Watch Miranda's video here!

A black and white photo of a woman in business clothing sitting and smiling at someone off camera.














Sponsored by Design de Plume

Nana Iwamoto Student RGD / McKenzie College, NB

Watch Nana's video here!

I could do that but better. \"But better\" is in a different, more bold font that the other words.














Sponsored by Pound & Grain

Tiffany Gilbert Student RGD / McKenzie College, NB

Watch Tiffany's video here!

Over a woman\'s shoulder there is a piece of art that says \"Speak the Truth\" with designs around it and a tiny CN Tower on the piece of artwork too.






















Sponsored by Arcane

Kara Katon Junior Affiliate / Montréal, QC

See Kara's entry here!

A black ball of scribbles on a white background. Around the black ball of scribbles there are words.

















Honourable Mentions

While not every entry could be awarded a Scholarship, there were still quite a few that stood out among the rest. The RGD Members below have been given an honourable mention for their entry and a free ticket to DesignThinkers Toronto 2018.


Kate Bradfield Student RGD, Conestoga College

Charmaine Cheng Student RGD, Capilano University 

Michael Huh Student RGD, York University & Sheridan College

Jen Needle Provisional RGD

Katie Sheedy Student RGD, Algonquin College

Cameron Thomas Student RGD, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design


Congratulations again to all of the winners!