New Student and Provisional Board Appointments

New this year, RGD has appointed 2 Provisional RGD Members and one Student RGD Member to the Board of Directors.


"We are excited to welcome more emerging designer at the Board level this year," says Wendy Millard RGD, President of RGD. "It is important to have ample representation from all levels of Membership, and we believe these new additions will help offer new perspectives and round out the Board's approach to overseeing the Association's activities."


Welcome to our new Provisional RGD representatives:

  • Jordan Jackson Provisional RGD (a recent graduate who previously served as a Student Rep to the Board)
  • Alan Joson Provisional RGD

And thank you to Austin Mateka, who served as the Provisional RGD rep for the past year.


A Committee has recently been established to develop a new process for appointing new Provisional RGD Directors to the Board.


Welcome to our new Student representative on the Board:

  • Rebecca Black Student RGD, currently studying at Cambrian College in Sudbury

She will work to recruit and coordinate RGD's Student Reps from across the country. To be considered, please fill out the application.


Additionally, Joseph Thoong Student RGD, a 2nd year student at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, has been appointed as a non-voting Advisor to the Board. Joseph will be invited to attend meetings and offer thoughts as well as assist Rebecca in her duties.


Learn more about RGD's Board of Directors