Provisional RGDs discuss why their Portfolio Reviews were more helpful than scary
A girl with tanned skin, long dark hair and glasses is staring at a man with light hair and a beard. Only the man\'s profile is showing. They are sitting across from each other at a table.
Having your portfolio reviewed is the final step in completing your application for Provisional Membership. While it can feel daunting and nerve wracking to explain your work to another person, especially a Certified RGD, the process isn't meant to be scary.


Provisional RGDs who recently had their Portfolio Reviews wrote to us about the experience, and what they learned from it.


According to them, here are the two biggest things you'll walk away with from your Portfolio Review:


1. You'll be a better designer.
"Meeting up with [my reviewer] was a very positive experience. She highlighted some areas that I can improve on in my portfolio but also as a designer."
"As I was going through my work my reviewer seamlessly transitioned from discussing my work to offering her own advice as a design professional, turning the discussion into an exchange of knowledge."
"The portfolio review session I had with [my reviewer] was fantastic — he gave me some great feedback on my work and insights into the RGD community, and it was great to have a conversation with him about the design industry as a whole."
2. You'll feel more connected to the RGD community, and the larger design community.
"I really appreciated my reviewer's openness to sharing resources and allowing me to ask questions. This was exactly the example of community I hoped for from an organisation like RGD. I did not expect this opportunity as part of the review but it proved to be the most valuable aspect. I was left with a new contact and the open door to reach out again if I ever had any questions."
"I think that the ability to pair Provisional RGD candidates with nearby RGD members is a great way to connect people within local design communities and present the opportunity to meet in person should they prefer to do so rather than online."
"I also think there is value in meeting with the review face to face vs. online. Human connection is just something you can not transmit online."
So, the Portfolio Review: more helpful than scary?
If you've graduated from a recognized post-secondary institution and have eight or less years of professional experience, you're eligible to apply for Provisional RGD Membership.
Learn more about becoming a Provisional RGD here, or email Zaria at with any questions.