Full Time You: Self-Discovery Workbook & Video Series by Meg Lewis
Review by Mike Scott RGD



I’ve struggled to discover who I am, what makes me unique and how can I leverage that in my career. What are my strengths? Where do I want my career to go? I’ve asked myself these questions. There are many books on the subject. This one is different.


Title: Full Time You: Self-Discovery Workbook & Video Series

Author: Meg Lewis

For anyone who’s familiar with Meg Lewis through her talks at DesignThinkers or on social media, you’ll know how fun and infectious she can be. This book is no different. Unlike traditional books — the self-help kind, if you will — Full Time You is designed as a workbook for you to read, think and provide an answer to a question. The questions are meant to get you thinking about who you are, what you value and what makes you unique. Meg even provides examples of what her answers would be, which are real, thoughtful and showcase her personality!


The workbook is divided into eleven lessons, complete with Meg’s personal insights as well as interviews with entrepreneurs, artists, comedians and designers. While some may speed through the challenges and finish the workbook in a few days, others may take their time. Either way, you’ll probably revisit your answers in the future — or even as you work through the book — to reflect on your progress. Along with the book, Meg provides video clips, full of her personality, that can help you as you work through the challenges.


Full Time You is for anyone, not just designers, looking to discover themselves by defining their strengths, learning what makes them unique and creating a purpose and a plan. It’s also for people who know who they are but may be stuck in their day-to-day life. Meg keeps it easy to work through and helps you think about yourself in a non-existential way. I was surprised at how open I was and how I challenged myself to dig deeper beyond the superficial things we think of ourselves.


If you’re looking for something to inspire and motivate you in finding who your “full time you” is, this is an important read.



Published October 12, 2018