“We’re Still ON”: q30 design inc. launches clean energy site

q30 design inc. is excited to announce the launch of We’re Still ON — a new platform connecting members of the climate action and clean energy sector.


We’re Still ON is a passion project by q30 design inc., the Toronto-based firm that designed the Green Ontario Fund website. The Green Ontario Fund promoted energy conservation initiatives using the proceeds from the provincial cap-and-trade program.


The We’re Still ON site is a free, opt-in resource for businesses and community organizations working to promote energy efficiency and a low-carbon economy. We’re Still ON gives these organizations the opportunity to share details of their projects — including technologies, new financing models, consulting services, and other initiatives — and articulate their needs. The project seeks to respond to a sense of uncertainty and opportunity within the sector following changes to the province’s climate and energy policies, including the closure of the Green Ontario Fund.

In July 2018, members of the clean energy and climate action sector gathered at an event organized by CoPower Inc. to discuss the future of renewable energy in Ontario. q30 design attended this discussion and left feeling inspired to continue the conversation, both within and beyond the sector. With We’re Still ON , q30 hopes to provide a space for climate action and clean energy champions to share their message, and build support and engagement.

“Working on the Green Ontario Fund website reminded us of what businesses can accomplish when we put sustainability first and work together towards a common goal,” said Peter Scott, one of the founding partners at q30 design inc. “That spirit of collaboration and social
responsibility has always been a core part of the q30 philosophy. So for us, continuing this conversation around sustainability just felt like the right thing to do.”

q30 has also worked on various projects with other energy sector organizations in Ontario; these include the IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator), the Ontario Energy Board, the Ministry of Energy, and the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, among others.




Published October 1, 2018