RGD Awards 5 Scholarships for Certified RGDs to attend DesignThinkers TO 2018
Four images of people standing on a stafe in front of a big screen.
RGD is excited to announce that five scholarships for DesignThinkers Toronto 2018 have been awarded to Certified RGDs.

Congratulations to the 5 Scholarship recipients:

Laurissa Barnes-Roberts RGD

"Everything I learn goes back into my business to support my work, my clients, and hopefully have a broader community impact. There are a variety of ways that conference could impact my work, from making new contacts, being introduced to new ideas and perspectives, or being inspired by new insights. I find DesignThinkers to be a great way to stay current on the evolution of the industry and tools and tips to use to be a better designer practically as well as in the community."


Kevin Moran RGD

"I look forward to taking the knowledge from DesignThinkers to create value for my clients and stakeholders. I truly believe that hearing from the experienced group of speakers will allow me to think differently when approaching my work. It is a personal achievement of mine to hear from Jessica Hische, as I've been following her work since college."


Nayla Yehia RGD

"As a freelancer, I spend nearly all of my time working alone. Without a creative team to motivate or inspire me, most of this effort comes from my own research. When I attended DesignThinkers in 2017, I came away feeling very refreshed and inspired, with a lot of energy I could reinvest into my work and career. I also felt up-to-date with the design world—it was a good way of staying current with design and design thinking trends. From the speed networking session, I also had the opportunity to meet senior creatives and benefited from their career-related advice. It was also a good way to network and meet people in general."


Ece Savas RGD

"Trying to manage all by myself (business development, proposals, marketing, networking, finances, social media, new learning) leaves less time for fun creative time that we creatives need the most. At DesignThinkers, I hope to expand my vision, get inspired, refill myself with new trends, get some tips on running a creative business and network with peers."


Vicki Hornsby RGD

"It is always great to gain insight into how others work and solve problems, and be inspired by their successes and what inspires them. As a solo practitioner, I look forward to spending time with other designers!"