Aidan Rowe receives RGD 2020 Design Educators Award for Western Canada

RGD recognizes design faculty who have made outstanding contributions to student development and pedagogical research. 


We are thrilled to announce that the RGD 2020 Design Educator Award of Excellence for Western Canada is being presented to Aidan Rowe CGD


Aidan is an Associate Professor, Design Studies and Coordinator of Art & Design Fundamentals at the University of Alberta. He is active in design, consulting and research work in the areas of design pedagogy, critical design, information visualization and the role that culture, collaboration and communication play in design, in, and for, the 21st century. His pedagogic research focuses on the improvement of design education. 


"Design Educators play a foundational role in moulding the future of our design industry. The best of us dedicate an immense amount of time and research to develop curriculum that gives students a holistic understanding of the design process and its value. I am proud that, through this Award, RGD is shining a spotlight on the efforts of Design Educator across Canada." says Faron Dawe RGD, the Chair of RGD's Education Committee.  "I would like to congratulate Aidan Rowe and thank all design educators across Canada for their contributions to building our design industry." 

This is what his nominators had to say:


"Aidan has dedicated himself to the development of curriculum, particularly in Design Fundamentals courses and to the enhancement of curriculum that is current, inclusive, broad and relevant to a rapidly changing area of study through organizing and leading design-focussed courses and travel to Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, UK and USA. Through these tours and study and practicum placements, he has provided students with an international learning experience by exposing them to various cultures and to design practices in other countries."
"I have watched Aidan brainstorm ideas with students, suggesting areas of focus, and push students to explore their ideas further. He is always looking for opportunities for our students such as scholarships, conferences, travel grants and employment postings. Aidan is an amazing teacher and mentor and he is passionate about his work."

Aidan will be presented with his Award at DesignThinkers 2020 in Vancouver where he will also present a Lightning Talk on Re-Thinking Health Through Design.


We are now accepting Nominations for the 2020 Design Educator Award for Eastern Canada. The deadline is June 26. Submit your nomination!


The Call for Nominations for the 2021 Design Educator Award for Western Canada will open in December 2020.