DesignThinkers 2020 Virtual: Week 2

After some electrifying talks, discussions and workshops, Week 1 of DesignThinkers 2020 Virtual has ended. Here is what you can look forward to for Week 2!


Day 1 features Keynote talks from Grace Hwang and Angela Bains with concurrent sessions by Lawrence Azerrad, Braulio Amado, Cey AdamsTina Smith Robert Smith RGD, Nida Fatima, Strategy talk with Liza Enebeis, Alex Center, Christopher Doyle, Oliver Siegedthaler and Jakob Trollbäck, Stephanie Yung and Mustaali Raj


Day 2 and Day 4 focuses on engagement and conversations with virtual Roundtables, Portfolio Reviews, Mentorship Sessions and pre-recorded talks by Andy Chen & Waqas Jawaid, David Nuff RGD, Farah Assir and JD Beltran that you can watch at your own time. You can also attend a virtual Design Trivia session on Day 4!


Day 3 features Keynote talks from Sean Carney and Adam J. Kurtz with concurrent sessions by Johnathon StreblyKenjiro Kirton, Jake Barton, Emily Cohen and Strategy talk by Leta Sobierajski & Wade Jeffree, Bobby C. Martin Jr. & Jennifer Kinon and Pali Palavathanan and David Airey, Chris Do, Maria Giudice, Laura Stein RGD, Michelle Wilkin RGD.


The ULTRABOLD winner will be announced right before the Keynote by Sean Carney. Watch the videos of the 7 finalists here.


Day 5 and the last day of the conference features exciting virtual Studio Tours to Zak and The Office of Gilbert Li in Canada and Invade, Medellin, Colombia, Area 17, New York and Pupila, San Jose, Costa Rica. You can also attend the In Conversation sessions with Sagi Haviv, Forest Young, Eddie Opara and Brian Collins


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