New Projects for November 2018

Check out work by Generator, Underline, TOQUE, Goods & Services and Lauren Wickware


Barry Smith RGD and the Generator team designed new signage for Confederation College.

Simple on the outside, but complicated in nature – this project was a great test of our organization and coordination. We needed to audit all existing Confederation College signage, identify any problem areas, and create an entirely new system that offered the flexibility to expand and adjust for years to come.


Fidel Peña RGD and the Underline Studio team created a new graphic system for The Varley Art Gallery of Markham.

The Varley Art Gallery of Markham needed a colourful, modern brand identity to convey its contemporary vision and vibrancy. Underline created a graphic system that is anchored by a logo mark crafted from the letters of the gallery’s initials. Intentionally simple, the logo can be deconstructed into its elements and used as bold shapes across materials promoting the gallery’s exhibitions and events.


Cai Sepulis RGD & TOQUE Ltd designed the branding for Fixed Gear Brewing Co.

Inspired by retro racing bike, the branding features a vintage bike headbadge-inspired main can illustration, vivid race-inspired colours and patterns, and a simple but eye-catching logo made up of their acronym and silhouette of a bike frame.


Carey George RGD and the team at Goods & Services were enlisted to help edit and design the 300-page book Tomorrow Is Too Late.

In the 1980s, “hardcore” punk rock emerged as a fast, vibrant voice of protest. Thirty years on, authors Derek Emerson and Shawn Chirrey documented the history of the Toronto scene.


Lauren Wickware RGD created this branding as promotional material for an ongoing lecture series at George Brown College’s School of Design.

The logo offers a playful and politicized distinction away from the etymology that defines women by reference to men, in both design and beyond. Using alternative spelling (ex: womyn, wimmin, womxn) the design offers an intersectional approach that serves as a feminist symbol for inclusivity.