#RGDChallenges welcomed seasonal projects in December and selected the following winners

This month #RGDchallenges welcomes projects that focus on the winter and holiday season, and a new winner is selected each week. Winners include Derwyn Goodall RGD, Kate Bradfield Student RGD, Edmund Li RGD and Ellyn Lusis RGD.


Week 4: Ellyn Lusis RGD posts a month's-worth of advent calendar images:

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Week 3: Edmund Li RGD posts the Entro holiday card:

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Week 2: Kate Bradfield Student RGD posts a hand lettered holiday card:


"Hand wrapped gifts and hand lettered cards."

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Week 1: Derwyn Goodall RGD posts a series of Holiday posters for his clients:

Image text:

Wishing you each and every gift the holiday season offers!

Derwyn Goodall

Principal & Creative Director

Goodall Integrated Design



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Thank you to Nicola Hamilton RGD for helping to select these winners.