RGD recognizes Member Contributors in 2018

Over 300 contributors in 365 days! Thank you to all the Members who contributed their time and expertise to RGD in 2018 to help Canadian designers exchange ideas, educate and inspire, set professional standards and build a strong, supportive community dedicated to advocating for the value of design.


Below are just a few examples of the ways RGD Members get involved and support the community:


Newsletter / Website Content

Members contribute content to RGD's website, which is also then featured in our weekly e-newsletter sent to over 20,000 subscribers and across RGD's social media channels. Content includes Case Studies, projects for our monthly Project ShowcaseIndustry Insights, Top 5 lists, Book Reviews, Day In The Life articles. Check out 'Guidelines for Contributing Content' or email .


Portfolio Reviews & Mentorship

Creative directors and senior designers provide constructive feedback and mentoring for emerging designers through in-person and virtual Portfolio Reviews as well as RGD's Mentorship Program. In particular, now that new Provisional RGDs complete an portfolio review as part of their introduction to Membership, there are many opportunities to participate and give back. To find out more, email .


RGD Committees

Members volunteer their time to serve on RGD's many Committees, including CertificationEducationEthicsMembership and Programs, help RGD grow our programs and initiatives. Committee Members from across the country meet virtually for an hour once a month and carry out tasks as needed. If you are interested in joining a Committee, complete this online form.



Members review submissions, provide feedback and select winners for our Awards Programs, which include So(cial) Good Design Awards, In-House Design Awards and Student Awards. Members also serve as Evaluators of RGD's Certification Process when RGD Candidates present their portfolios. For more information, email .


Speaking Opportunities
RGD's weekly Webinar Program assists us to raise standards for graphic designers in Canada. Broadcast to an audience of 75+ design professionals, Members present 45-minute-long professional development content or 15-minute skill-shares and moderate and participate on panels. Submit a webinar proposal here. RGD's are also invited to submit proposals to speak or curate panels at DesignThinkers and other RGD events. Submit proposals for DesignThinkers here. And submit for our In-House Design Conference in Ottawa on April 12 here.


Click here if you wish to become a Member to contribute in some way in 2019. 


Thank you to all the Members who contributed in 2018! (Members are listed in one category while often having contributed in multiple ways. Names link to a Directory profile and a full list of their involvement.)


RGD's Board of Directors

Randal Boutillier RGDDonna Braggins RGDGreg Dubeau RGDWafe Gara RGDAlison Garnett RGDWendy Gray RGDJesse Gibb RGDBob Hambly RGDNicola Hamilton RGDBrent Long RGDNorm Lourenco RGDWendy Millard RGD, Megan Oldfield RGD, Jennifer Taback RGD, Stussy Tschudin RGD, Saskia van Kampen RGD,


RGD Committee Members in 2018

Heather Angell Prov RGDAdam Antoszek-Rallo RGDNadine Arseneault RGDLogan Brazeau Prov RGDJulian Brown RGDTom Browne RGDDaniela Buitrago Prov RGDRoss Chandler, Affiliate MemberEvelyn Csiszar RGDMary Davis RGDFaron Dawe Affiliate MemberMelanie di Tullio RGDNicole Duncan RGDRuth Farrugia RGDEric Forest RGDAnthony Furia RGDJohn Furneaux RGDAntonia Goga Prov RGDSean Grant RGDKyle Greenwood RGDShanti Hadioetomo RGDGillian Harvey Affiliate MemberJack Henry Prov RGDTeodor Herman RGDJordan Jackson Prov RGDEunice Joaquin Prov RGDLaura John Prov RGDAlan Joson Prov RGDJames Kuo RGDJennifer Laing RGDCaitlin Legere Prov RGDQing Li Prov RGDTomomi Lo RGDTina Mackenzie RGD, Austin Mateka Prov RGD, Elyse Maxwell RGD, Emma McAllister RGD EmeritusJosh McInerney RGD, Phil Mondor RGD, Kevin Moran RGD, Rod Nash RGD, Richard Plantt RGD, Karen Satok RGD, Laura Sellors RGD, Craig Swistun RGD, Nico Taus RGD, Hans Thiessen RGD, Paul van Dongen RGD, Jessica Vitale RGD, Julia Linda Wells RGD, Katie Wilhelm RGD, Michelle Wiebe RGD, Umar Shahzad RGD, Angela Simon RGD, Ryanne Spies RGD, Silvia Stanziola RGD, Fe Wyma RGDNayla Yehia RGD


Judges & Evaluators in 2018


Mentors & Portfolio Reviewers in 2018

Chantal Abdel-Nour Prov RGDFaye Arends Stein RGDTimothy Belanger Affiliate Member, Thomas Beltrame Prov RGDBreck Campbell RGDKatherine Carney RGDChase Carson RGDChristian Castel RGDRay Cheah RGDDavid Clubine RGDPeter Colleran RGDVanessa Eckstein RGDLionel Gadoury RGD, Gaetan Godin Prov RGD, Paul Gomirato RGDNuria Gonzalez RGD, Maurissa Grano RGDDerwyn Goodall RGDJulia Grady RGDErika Hamilton-Piercy RGDAthena Herrmann RGDDanielle Jones RGDIole Kotsopoulos RGDKelvin Kwong RGDDenis Leclerc RGDCathy Ledden RGDGilbert Li RGD, Jason Lind Prov RGDGary Ludwig RGDAlexey Makhinko RGDTrevor Martin RGD, Angelo Morano RGDGenevieve Metropolis RGD, Jack Nicholls RGDDavid Nuff RGDDustin O’Donnell Prov RGDTara O’Reilly RGD, Noah Ortmann RGDJason Pearl Affiliate Member, Allison Pezzack RGD, Laura Piche RGD, Jonathan Picklyk RGD, Chad Roberts Affiliate Member, Jason Recker RGD, Glenda Rissman RGD, Sarah Roberto Affiliate Member, Chad Roberts Affiliate Member, Matt Rocca RGDAlana Ruoso RGDEce Savas RGD, Elyssa Schmid RGD, Nikki Shih RGD, Michael Stokely RGD, Stephanie Strawbridge RGD, Meggan van Harten RGD, Jeanette Vermeyden-Obbink RGD,Campbell Walker RGDJames Wilson RGD, Beatrice Winny RGD, Amanda Wood Prov RGD, Leonard Wyma RGD, Sarah Prouse RGDMichael Richardson RGD, Simone St. Aimée RGD, Nick Shinn RGD, Eduardo Trejos RGD, Beau Turner RGD, Elliot Vredenburg RGDHilary Walls RGD, Jennifer Weaymouth RGD, Chad Weiss Prov RGD


Presenters & Panelists

Emineh Babayan RGDCaroline Bruckner RGD, Scott Christie RGDKatina Constantinou RGDMike Freeman RGDIan Grais RGDPaddy Harrington RGDMichelle Hopgood RGDDiti Katona RGDJean-Pierre Lacroix RGDGigi Lau RGDGordon McLean RGD, Leanne Paura RGD, Fidel Pena RGD, Udo Schliemann RGD, Laura Stein RGD, Victor Szeto RGDMichael J. Young RGDMirela Zdjelaric RGD


Content Contributors

Jon Allison RGDFaizan Anjum Prov RGDDominic Ayre RGDRahul Bhogal RGDFredrik Carlberg RGDDiego Casco RGDMat Chambers Prov RGD, Julien Chaput RGDShane Collier RGDSteve Coghill RGDMatt Coyle RGDClaire Dawson RGDMelissa Deschenes RGDAmy Eaton RGDOlga Filimonova Prov RGDVince Galante RGDJay Ginsherman Prov RGD,  Mackenzie Gooch Prov RGDStephanie Hammond Prov RGDCraig Hermanson RGDElise Hoebeke Prov RGDAlison Howes Prov RGDRobin Honey RGDNorm Jolin RGDKaren Jorritsma RGDBianca Jozwiak Prov RGDRory Kelly RGD, Monica Kessler RGDGeoff Krawiec Prov RGDTammy Le Prov RGDJared Lebel Prov RGDEmerald Lee RGDHyein Lee RGDLisa Leighton Prov RGDLauren Lindberg RGDBrenda Little RGDTim Lum RGDTaylor MacLean Prov RGD, Aldona Malisiewicz Prov RGD, Leslie Martin Prov RGD, Danielle Martin Prov RGD, Dustin Matos Prov RGD, Heather McAlpine Prov RGD, Wayne McCutcheon RGD, Terence McGuire RGD, Christopher Moorehead RGD, Jessica Murray RGDNoel Nanton RGD, Jen Needle Prov. RGD, Dana Neita Prov RGD, Neli Nenkova Prov RGD, Lin Oosterhoff Prov RGD, Alexandrah Pahl Prov RGD, Mantej Rakhra Prov RGD, Jerica Raymond Prov RGD, Laura Rojas Prov RGD, Katya Romanova Prov RGD, Jessica Rousseau RGD, Thiago Santarem Souza Prov RGD, Mike Scott RGD, Peter Scott RGD, Roxann Shapwaykeesic RGD, Lindsay Smail RGD, Barry Smith RGD, Maxi-Ann Smith Prov RGD, Tim Smith RGD, Dana Snow Prov RGD, Arun Swamy Prov RGD, Alex Tapia Prov RGD, David Taylor RGD, Tatjana Taylor RGD, Paul Twa Prov RGD,  Tracey Watt RGD, Brandon Watton Prov RGD, Roy White RGD, Barb Woolley RGD, Susan Yang RGD, Hilary Zak Prov RGD, Alice Zeng Prov RGD, Ivan Zhao Prov RGD, Elizabeth Zhu Prov RGD
Thank you again to all our contributors! If we mistakenly left your name off this list, we sincerely apologize and ask that you email  to add your name.