Volunteer of the Month for December 2018

RGD thanks our Vice President of Ethics, Jennifer Taback RGD, for her contributions to our community.



Jennifer Taback RGD, B.Comn hons is a founding partner and principal at Design de Plume Inc, an Indigenously owned design studio located in Sudbury, Ontario. She has been working in the design industry for almost 10 years and is passionate about creating culturally aware materials and providing her clients with powerful visual messages that create change.


Q: How long have you been volunteering with RGD, and in what capacity?

I have volunteered on and off with RGD for over a decade. Recently I have been most active in a few specific roles and am currently on the Ethics Committee as the Vice President. I also help to review portfolios for the final RGD certification steps, and generally try to lend a hand where needed.


Q: What made you want to get involved with RGD?

Our college teacher Ron Beltrame RGD was very passionate about the benefits of being an RGD when I was a student. I really admired the network that had been made to help each other out, stay in touch and generally create a community that was passionate about design. I really knew that I wanted to be part of it and learn as much as I could about how the industry worked as a whole.

Q: Of the RGD initiatives you have contributed to, what are you most proud of?

I am really proud of helping to make the Pro-Bono Handbook. James Chambers Prov. RGD  designed the layout and it was great watching the entire process, from idea to feedback to final design and then to the actual product. It is such a great resource to help designers and I am happy I got to help coordinate that effort.



Q: What is your most memorable experience as an RGD volunteer?

This past DesignThinkers held in Toronto, I got to introduce Ayse Birsel on the main stage. She was so friendly! It was a really big highlight to get a peek at the audience from behind the curtains and see what speakers get to view on a regular basis. I loved learning about her career and picking out why I thought she was a great fit for the conference. It is also the most nerve-wracking volunteer experience I have had to date!


Photo: @design_de_plume

Q: What have you gained from being an RGD volunteer, and why would you recommend it to other members who might be thinking of getting involved?

I have gained a ton volunteering over the years with RGD. First and foremost I have made connections with some amazing people who work in all fields of the design spectrum. It has also given me a boost in confidence to find out that many of my issues and worries have been experienced by everyone at some point in their careers. I would recommend volunteering to anyone who wants to learn more about the whole industry or meet a great group of people who are looking to make the design sphere better every day. It’s a really great team to be a part of and a place to learn about how much opportunity is out there.


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