With 8 days left to complete the 2018 Creative Earners, over 2,500 have responded so far

The 2018/2019 Creative Earners salary survey invites all creatives working in Canada to help us raise awareness of Canada's thriving creative industry and provide an economic profile of the field.


So far, over 2,500 creative professionals have provided responses about their salaries and billing practices. Below are some statistics on who has filled out the survey so far. If you haven't yet, please do so now at surveymonkey.com/r/creativeearners



So far, women are better represented in our respondents with 62.9% of respondents identifying as female compared to 35.7% identifying as male, .5% identifying as other and 1% preferring not to answer. The largest number of respondents are between 26 and 32 years old (33.2%) followed very closely by those 33-39 years old (25.7%). Additionally 15.1% are between 40 and 46; 11.0% are under 26; 8.3% are between 47 and 53; 4.8% are between 54 and 60; 1.6% are 61-67 and 0.3% are more than 67 years of age.


Job Titles

Not surprisingly, the largest number of respondents are working as Graphic Designers (32.5%). Additionally 13.5% are Senior Graphic Designers; 9.2% are UX or UI Designers and 6.6% are Solo Designer (incl. Full-time Freelancers).


In management roles, 9.4% are Creative or Design Directors; 4.9% are Business Owners; 3.4% Design or Creative Services Managers; 2.4% are Communications Managers or Directors; 0.8% are Brand Managers or Directors and 0.7% are Account Managers or Directors.


Additionally respondents are Art Directors (7.8%); Design Educators (1.9%); Project Coordinators and Managers (1.7%); Copywriters and Editors (1.5%); Brand and Content Strategists (1.3%); Front-end Developers (1.0%); Community and Social Media Managers (0.6%); Production Managers (0.6%) and Content Editors and Managers (0.4%).


Regional Breakdown

With representation across the country, Ontario is the location of the majority of respondents with 6.6% in Eastern Ontario; 14.7% in Central Ontario; 29% in Greater Toronto and 2.6% in Northern Ontario. BC follows with 13.7% then Quebec with 10.6%; Alberta with 6.9%; Manitoba with 2.2%; Nova Scotia with 1.5%; Saskatchewan with 1.3%; and Newfoundland, PEI, New Brunswick, Nunavut and the Territories all with less than 1% each.


Complete the Creative Earners survey today to make sure you are represented! The survey is open until January 18, 2019.