Why Marketing Works

Presented by Jeff Swystun


So much of business communications is tactics in search of a strategy. Couple this with a fascination with technology and data and the result is a loss of the basics in brand-building and marketing. This webinar argues for a return to strategic and creative fundamentals and introduces 7 principles that, on their own, are not earth shattering, but when they are combined, perform exponentially.    

The webinar draws on little-known and more obscure marketing campaigns. These include deodorant (Odorono!), De Beers diamonds, Tupperware, After Eight, Gillette, Heinz, Ironman, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Topshop, Uneeda Biscuit and Wedgwood. These marketing stories from past and present are as entertaining as they are informative. Join Jeff for a fun and enlightening journey through marketing’s amazing history and leave with a refreshed perspective on what has always driven brand performance.



- Visual design remains at the heart of good marketing

- Positioning brands as solutions, focusing on storytelling, leveraging the right emotions in all communication must be done with authenticity

- Be better equipped in marketing 


About Jeff Swystun 

Jeff’s 20 years in global business strategy, branding and marketing led to the opening of Swystun Communications in 2012. Prior, Jeff was Chief Communications Officer at DDB Worldwide heading branding & marketing, corporate communications and staff training.  Jeff has held leadership posts at Assante Asset ManagementPollard Banknote and Price Waterhouse. A prolific speaker and writer, Jeff has appeared at over 115 conferences in over 25 countries. CNBCNightly Business ReportUSA Today and Business News Network refer to him as a branding guru.