Senior Designer - Toronto

As a Senior Designer at Haft2 (with specialized skills in digital), you will lead the charge curating brand stories for a spectrum of clients as well as aiding with the visual and strategic development of our own internal branding. You have a clear understanding and minimum of 7+ years of working experience in the digital space.

  • Your work should be more than just great design – it affects business change with great results
  • You have a minimum of 7 years’ experience and proficiency with designing and building user interfaces, stay-up-to-date with new technologies and design approaches, present ideas and recommend solutions
  • You possess superior verbal and written communication skills and have an ability to lead a creative team
  • Excellent design skills and aesthetics are a given. You have a solid working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite 6 (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator), Dreamweaver, WordPress, Microsoft Office (Word and PowerPoint) with an understanding of the MAC operating environment
  • You demonstrate expertise in front-end web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, responsive design)
  • You have a passion for typography and solid aesthetics and sensitivity in all design and brand elements
  • You demonstrate excellence in colour knowledge, selection, and application
  • You push hard for creative solutions that become leading examples of branding
  • Your skill level is at the top of its game – aesthetics of work should never be in question
  • You are a master of time management – you manage your own time effectively
  • You search for a great ideas that can drive a brand, concentrating on benchmarking ideas against the leading brands in the sector and developing ideas to create standout solutions that differentiate our clients from the rest



  • You are no stranger to pressure and work confidently through difficult situations
  • You are a consummate professional – how you present yourself; how you cultivate your relationships with clients and with other staff.
  • You truly listen to and fully understand client concerns big and small, and as a representative of us, you address them openly and congenially, adapting to a wide array of personalities
  • You are a main contributor of the creative team in our design studio; using tight briefing, brainstorming, and using other benchmarks to ensure the best creative result
  • You have a talent for understanding different types of issues; understanding how branding and creative expression can solve problems
  • You represent Haft2 not just creatively but also in experience, insight, and attitude
  • Very likely, others actively seek to associate themselves with you.



  • This is the most critical of our core competencies. Without success here, little else matters. You understand the essence of this.
  • You have a thorough comprehension of timelines and of scheduling. You exhibit flawless project management – from initiation through post-delivery.
  • You collaborate with others in brand idea creation and direction, taking responsibility for projects you own creatively and ensure deadlines and deliverables are met
  • You are able to prioritize multiple project portfolios; clearly managing internal and external expectations


Your pride yourself in delivering well built, organized, and error-free final digital files for print and digital applications. RGD designation considered an asset.

Internal: Daily interaction with cross-functional agency team.
External: Interaction with clients and with third party vendors.


Please email to apply.