New study explores design industry in Nordic countries
A collage of images from the Nordic Resource.
The Nordic Design Resource is the result of a new study that explores the design industry in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.


The study finds that there are 243,667 design professionals in the Nordics. These professionals make up approximately 2% of the labour force. 85% of design professionals work in the private sector, 12% work in the public sector and 2% work in the third sector.


The study finds that there are six distinct disciplines in the design industry: graphic and visual design (26%), product development (17%), digital design (17%), formgiving of products (14%), strategic design (14%) and service and experience design (11%).


The study also determines that graphic and visual design generates the most value for communications and marketing purposes. Graphic and visual designers are also more likely to work with other professionals than with other designers. They list digital designers as generating the most value for products and services, and being the most likely to work with other professionals than with other designers.


The study was launched by a collaboration between five Nordic design organizations: Danish Design Center, Design and Architecture Norway, Design Forum Finland, Iceland Design Centre and Swedish Industrial Design Foundation.


More detailed information on the Nordic Design Resource, as well as information on the specific countries, can be found online here.