Home is where the design is: RGD videos about being an in-house designer

RGD Members have full-access to an archive of recorded presentations, including talks from past DesignThinkers and Creative Directions conferences, webinars, Future By Design panels and more.


With over 7 years of footage, we know our video archive can be daunting. That's why RGD's Programs Committee is working to curate lists of RGD videos by theme.


This is a list of videos under the theme of In-House design curated by Programs Committee Member Ruth Farrugia RGD:


DesignThinkers Toronto 2018: To be or not to be in-house?
Panel: Natalie Lam, Alex Center, Matt Spangler
Panelists Natalie Lam, Alex Center and Matt Spangler have both in-house and agency experience and bring their knowledge of both worlds to the discussion. They present the pleasures and perils of being designers in a non-design milieu. Wearing many hats and learning how to speak about design to non-designers are integral to the in-house experience. Being in-house allows you to be an expert in the brand and mission of your organization, and gives you the opportunity to learn new things.
DesignThinkers Vancouver 2018: The Needle moves both ways
Michael Lejeune [LA Metro]
As leader of the in-house design team at LA Metro (transport authority), Michael Lejeune has helped to transform how people see and use public transit. After an initial hugely successful campaign, the numbers of transit users started to go back down. Follow the story of how what came up, came back down and how to learn from failure, adapt to change and move on from there to move the needle back up.
DesignThinkers Vancouver 2017: Remaking the making company
Maria Giudice [Autodesk]
Hitting her stride at the dawn of the web as we know it with her firm Hot Studio, Maria Giudice transitioned through the aquisition of her company by Facebook and ended up leaving to join AutoDesk. She jumped in with both feet into this established company that was going through a major shift, and after much research, she worked hard to break the pre-existing silos in the company and reinvent the culture. She spread human-centered design throughout the organization.
DesignThinkers Toronto 2018: Building a creative “culture”
Lisa Smith [Chobani]
With a rich background in photography-based design, Lisa Smith began her in-house career at the Victoria and Albert Museum. She moved to New York and worked in branding at Wolff-Olins where she discovered the marriage of strategy and design thinking, and shares her experience working collaboratively with in-house teams. She brought her experience back to the in-house world at Chobani, an innovative purpose-driven yogurt company with a strong mission and story, where she helped to build their creative team.



Published February 2019