Over 3,800 completed the 2018/19 Creative Earners Salary Survey

The 2018/2019 Creative Earners salary survey received over 3,800 responses from creative professionals working in Canada. The results will be available in the Fall and will help us raise awareness of Canada's thriving creative industry and provide an economic profile of the field.


Although the deadline has officially passed, you can still participate until midnight this Friday, February 15. Help us reach our goal of 4,000 responses!

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Thank you to all those who filled out the survey so far and helped us reach 3,800+ responses. And congratulations to the winners of our raffle prizes:
Free tickets to an upcoming DesignThinkers Conference of their choice. Options include DesignThinkers 2019 VAN (May 28-29) or TO (October 24-25), and DesignThinkers 2020 VAN or TO:
Janine Merki 
Julie Royer
Jeff Simpson
Julie Gourlay 
T. Blevins
Swag bags worth $250 for spreading the word on social media:
Scott Rigmond
Kari Silver
Amanda Bolte
Natasha Delrosario
Mackenzie Johnson
James Rodrigues
Jessica Bastelak
Diana Bartel
Julian Dodaro 
Nicole Jensen
Natalia Pérez Wahlberg
Ilse Dyck
Laura Watson
Karen Janiedz
Linchpin Studio
Sarah Fordham
Lara Hughes
Karina Barker
Gordon McLean
Kayla Sinclair



All those who fill(ed) out the survey will receive access to 6 presentation recordings from RGD's video archive that focus on pricing, billing and client management. You will receive an email with this information next week.