Student Awards FAQs

RGD's 2019 Student Awards are in full swing, and we know you have some questions, so we put together this FAQ list to help you out.


Does the work I submit have to be a product of a design class assignment?  
Any work done while you were a student can be entered! It doesn’t necessarily have to have been completed at your school - it can be independent work and anything external of school.
What are the rules and limitations for the Awards of Excellence?
You must enter a project into an Award of Specialty category in order to be eligible to enter an Award of Excellence.
How many projects out of the 4 can be entered into the National Awards of Specialty?
You may enter all 4 projects into as many of the National Awards of Specialty as you think apply. So, for instance, you could enter a poster into the Specialty Award for Print but then also submit it for the National Awards for Typography, Concept Development, Strategic Design, Social Good, Story-telling and Typography. If you did, you would need to write a rationale for why the project should win each of these Awards.
What category would my app (or anything UI/UX related) fall under? 
Your app could be entered into the category for Digital Marketing. Or, if it relates in any way to a location, it could also be submitted into the Award for Placemaking. Or, if it synthesizes information in some way, it could also be entered into the Award for Information Design. And then the project could then be entered into the National Award for UX.
Are there any restrictions on using royalty-free visual assets, such as stock photos or mockups?
There are absolutely no restrictions for using stock imagery. The only requirement is that in your submission you list all of the materials that you did not design/create yourself including things like stock imagery.
I am not a Student Member, can I still enter?
Yes! Any full-time undergraduate student enrolled in either a College or University design-related program in Canada, or a Canadian student studying abroad may enter.
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