New Projects by RGD Members - April 2019

Check out work from Entro, Subplot, Empire Life, Blok, The Office of Gilbert Li and Shikatani Lacroix Design


Wayne McCutcheon RGD and the team at Entro, in collaboration with Snøhetta, designed the signage for the stunning new Calgary Central Library.

The signage is made of wood and reflects the building’s geometric forms. It sends a playful message of welcome through shape, colour and graphics. The form and placement of the wayfinding signage encourages visitors to explore the library’s intuitive vertical orientation and many offerings. Learn more

Roy White RGD, Matthew Clark RGD and the team at Subplot Design Inc., together with Canada Post Corporation, created a stamp collection that honours the legendary amateur Japanese-Canadian baseball team, the Vancouver Asahi.
Vancouver Asahi helped remove racial barriers through sport. Subplot designed the full collection that includes the stamp, booklet, official first day cover and cancellation mark.
Wendy Millard RGD and the team at Empire Life designed, prototyped and launched an online tool called the Advisor Portal.
This Dashboard had an immediate uptake of Advisors - allowing them to see the status of applications and to deposit funds on behalf of their clients just in time for tax season. The site is fully responsive and automated.
Vanessa Eckstein RGD and the team at Blok Design developed a new brand identity for Women’s Creative Collective.
Women’s Creative Collective is an inclusive space for diverse voices to come together to share, reclaim, and challenge ideas and experiences. The design draws from this core through the use of multiple shapes and forms, manifesting its diversity and expansiveness and creating space for opportunities.
Gilbert Li RGD with The Office of Gilbert Li's senior designer Alina Skyson designed a book to accompany the exhibition In Guns We Trust by photographer Jean-François Bouchard. 
The book’s spare and dispassionate design heightens the power of Bouchard’s dramatic photography of gun enthusiasts in the Arizona desert.
Jean-Pierre Lacroix RGD (Shikatani Lacroix Design) partnered with LivRelief to redesign the logo and packaging for their carton and tube products.
The final designs offer an appealing, contemporary package that has been implemented across the brand and colour-coded for specific pain management. The packages are printed with metallic, silver ink to ensure LivRelief products stand out on the shelf and are top of mind for customers.
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